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Frontex Helps 400 Third-Country Nationals to Return Home Amid War in Ukraine

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has started to support EU member states in organizing humanitarian return flights.

According to Frontex, the goal is to help non-Ukrainian and non-European citizens fleeing the war in Ukraine return to their countries of origin, reports.

In a statement on March 11, Frontex announced that it could charter planes or even buy tickets for commercial flights to allow foreigners trapped in the European Union by the war in Ukraine to return home.

“394 people have already left Poland on two chartered flights to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan on March 10 and 11. The majority of them are families with children,” the statement said.

Frontex is also cooperating with border guard authorities in member states to manage the wave of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. In addition to the Frontex initiative on the return of humanitarian flights, the agency has also deployed officers and troop equipment to member states bordering Ukraine.

Through a press release on March 2, Frontex also announced that it will help Romania manage the situation at the border by Ukrainians who have already fled the war.

More than 150 officers have so far been sent to the Romania border with 45 patrol cars and other equipment.

Frontex is already supporting Romania as part of an on-going land border operation at the EU’s external land borders (Operation Tira) which takes place across 12 EU Member States and covers 62 border crossing points. Reinforcements will be part of the ongoing process,” the statement read.

Moreover, the European Commission suggested that the Council open negotiations on a status agreement between Frontex and the Republic of Moldova, allowing Frontex to support the Moldovan border guards to manage the current situation on the border with Ukraine.

This status agreement will also positively affect the border management of Moldova-Romania, and the overall management of the external borders of the European Union.

Since Russian forces launched their attacks across Ukraine, 2.5 million refugees have fled their country. As of Thursday, Poland had taken in more than 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees.

German authorities also announced that the Federal Police had registered more than 100,000 people coming from Ukraine, among whom were at least 99,000 Ukrainian citizens.

In this regard, the Republic of Moldova received 310,000 refugees from Ukraine. Several European countries are already preparing for a large influx of refugees who may come from Ukraine.

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