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Frontex Deploys Plane to Manage Irregular Migratory at North Sea & Channel

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) has deployed an aircraft in an effort to support member states from the increasing migration pressure in the Channel and North Sea region.

The move follows a ministerial meeting in Calais, where French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and UK representatives concluded that help was needed in the area to prevent illegal corridors from taking place, reports.

Moreover, the Frontex aircraft, provided by the Danish government, landed in Lille, France, to operate in the coastal area of ​​the English Channel and the North Sea. The cabin crew are well aware of the matter as they have been deployed to other Frontex operations, most recently in Spain.

“The development of the situation in the canal is a matter of concern. At the request of member states, Frontex has deployed an aircraft in France to support it with aerial surveillance in just three days,” said Frontex Director Fabrice Leggerie, also noting that the agency would remain ready to step up support if needed. command.

This operation aims to reduce the increasing number of sea crossings on the coast between France and the United Kingdom, which has recently seen a large number of illegal immigrants risking their lives to move to the other side of the sea.

According to the latest document published by Frontex, the number of illegal crossings has generally increased across the European continent, with the highest record of recent violations recorded at the eastern land borders (8000), following the current situation in Belarus, Poland and Lithuania. And although this road does not contain the largest number of illegal border crossings, the region is the most affected by this phenomenon, taking into account that the rate has increased by 1444 percent.

In addition, the largest number of illegal passages was recorded in the Central Mediterranean Route, through which 55,000 migrants passed during the first ten months of 2021. The noticeable increase is believed to have arrived via Turkey from the sea, the main part of the nationalities of Tunisians, Bangladeshis and Egyptians.

Leggeri previously stated that EU member states expect more of the migrant crisis, saying that “people who did not understand that migration flows could be manipulated to achieve political goals against the EU to get something”.

In addition, he noted that many barriers have been set up in sensitive areas related to migration, including sea walls from Italy, African countries, Greece and Albania. Furthermore, a spherical barrier was deployed on the borders of Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia, Austria, Norway, the Baltic states, and the United Kingdom.

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