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Frontex Denies Entry for 186 People at Eastern Border Through Joint Operation Action

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency revealed the presence of about 174 irregular migrants on the eastern border, and 186 people were denied entry.

The operation called Joint Action Day Finestra (JAD), which took place between September 27 and October 8, also arrested about 32 smugglers and seized 44 forged documents, among other contraband and stolen goods, reports.

This action took place at border crossing points on the EU’s eastern and southeastern land borders with the support of the Agency’s headquarters in Warsaw.

According to a press release issued by Frontex, the international operation was carried out in cooperation with the Romanian authorities, officers from 13 countries and seven European agencies, and was aimed not only at combating criminal activities at the borders but also to enhance cooperation between EU member states and other countries. .

“The data collected during the JAD is very useful for every law enforcement agency – it shows us the true dimension of the smuggling phenomenon and other types of crimes at the external borders. Thanks to the risk analysis, we were able to allocate the appropriate resources for law enforcement wherever,” said Alexandru Iñachescu, Romanian Deputy Inspector General. It was needed to combat smuggling.”

The Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Moldavian and Ukrainian authorities participated in this operation.

Furthermore, the European Union Law Enforcement Cooperation Agency (Europol), the European Union Criminal Justice Cooperation Agency (EUROJUST), OLAF (European Anti-fraud Office), EUBAM MD/UA (European Border Assistance Mission to Moldova) Ukraine), the international organization Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), the World Customs Organization and Interpol participated in this operation.

The same procedure was carried out with FRONTEX in Central and Southeast Europe last month when 144 people suspected of smuggling were arrested, 6,656 illegal immigrants were discovered, and about 76 forged documents were confiscated. The operation was part of the European Interdisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats, a four-year plan aimed at curbing organized crime activities.

Currently, the EU’s eastern border is a sensitive topic for the union as 4,170 attempts at illegal border crossing were detected in September between Lithuania and Belarus. Moreover, Poland has also recorded about 1,380 illegal passages since the beginning of the year, which were discovered on the border with Belarus.

Citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan and Russia tried to cross this road illegally. However, in September, the Polish authorities registered a number of 28 people crossing the European border illegally. The number of illegal passages can be severely affected by physical barriers and other measures taken by Poland in an effort to combat illegal border crossing.

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