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Frontex Chief: EU Should Prepare for More Migrant Crisis

Fabrice Leggeri, head of Frontex, the European Union’s border control agency, warned the 27-nation bloc to prepare for more migration crisis like the one at the Belarus-Poland border, because this is not the first time such a crisis has occurred and with the security situation The current in many countries, the migration crisis is expected to occur.

It should open the eyes of people who did not understand that migration flows could be manipulated for political ends against the European Union to get something. “We have to prepare ourselves for such situations that can emerge very quickly,” Leggeri told AFP in an interview, adding that this was not the first time the European Union had faced such a situation.

He referred to this situation as similar to what we witnessed in February 2020, when Greek border forces tried to prevent thousands of migrants from Turkey from entering its territory, reports.

Currently, in an effort to stem the flow of refugees, the Polish government is planning to build a wall on its border with Belarus, the latter of which is fueling refugees by escorting them to the Polish border. Among the 12 governments that support the decision to build the barrier is Hungary, which proactively opposes immigration. However, France, which will take over the rotating presidency for the first half of 2022, does not support Poland’s decision.

On the other hand, Leggeri supports the decision and has previously stated that this barrier will reduce the number of illegal passengers at the border.

“At least when there is a roadblock, we are not accused of pushbacks because we know where the border is and people can’t physically create an ambiguity situation for us legally. The very disturbing part of a border patrol job is when there is legal ambiguity,” Leggeri said.

At present, several walls have been built to accommodate the influx of refugees in the following places:

Several seawalls of Italy with African countries, Greece and Albania Barrier wall on the borders of Greece and North Macedonia Barrier wall of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey Barrier wall of Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom and Norway

Since 2004 when it was created, Frontex has been the first EU agency to create a permanent uniformed force, which aims to have 10,000 border guards in the next five years, up from the current 2,200.

Greece previously reiterated its position not to ban the secondary movement of migrants and refugees, allowing them to travel through EU member states. This means that migrants will be allowed to travel to another EU country; For example, migrants who arrive in Belarus, with a secondary movement, will be able to reach Poland instead of being deported.

On the subject, the Greek Minister of Migration, Notis Matararashi, said in August of this year when Taliban forces took over Afghanistan, and the influx of refugees was clear, that such migration would not be allowed and the country was both on high alert, by sea. and wild borders.

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