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From Today, EU Nationals Can No Longer Travel to UK Without a Valid Passport

From today, 1 October, European citizens, including those of Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, are required to show their passports when entering the territory of the United Kingdom.

So far, Europeans can only enter the UK by showing an ID, but as the UK’s transition period ends this year, new rules are in place for both Britons and Europeans, reports.

However, European passengers who fall into one of the following categories are exempt from the rule:

EU Settlement Scheme pre-settled status holders EU/EEA and Switzerland citizens who hold EU Settlement Scheme family permits Family permit holders under the Frontier Worker Permit Scheme recipients of planned health care under Arrangement S2 Irish citizens

These categories can enter the UK by only presenting an ID, unlike their European counterparts, who must present a valid passport. Since Brexit, when the British officially left the European Union, stricter entry rules apply to both parties.

For example, Britons have to apply in advance for a visa permit, as do third-country nationals, if they want to stay in the EU for longer than three months within any six months.

However, Europeans who became UK residents before 30 December 2020, can continue to use their ID to visit the UK until 2025, when they are covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.

In response to the change, over the past month, embassies across Europe have been reminding their citizens to carry their passports when they travel to the UK.

Previously, the Estonian Foreign Ministry warned its citizens that they must present a passport when entering the UK, and the decision will take effect, today, October 1.

Like Estonia, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in London recently shared the same announcement to its citizens. However, the embassy also noted that those who are subject to the prior and stable settlement of the EU Settlement Scheme and beneficiaries of the Border Worker Permit Scheme and cross-border workers have been exempted from this requirement.

“Outside of these categories – given the complexity of the issue and the individual approach of the UK immigration authorities, we strongly encourage you to each planned entry into the UK for Czech Republic identity card verification on the UK government website website”, explains the statement published by the authority.

Spanish citizens have also been warned that they will be subject to border controls upon arrival in the UK. However, they will still be able to drive in the UK with their current licence. However, those applying for a residence permit will also have to apply for a British driver’s license because a license issued in Spain will not be recognized as valid.

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The Home Office has revealed that the UK Border Force will no longer recognize unsecured ID cards in an effort to prevent abuse of the system.

“By ending the use of insecure ID cards, we are strengthening our borders and prioritizing people to take back control of our immigration system. We are doing this as part of our new immigration plan, which will be resolute towards those who seek to abuse our immigration system,” said Priti Patel, Home Secretary. order, and fairness to those who abide by the rules.”

In other words, some ID cards do not contain biometric data, which makes it easy to falsify the data. Moreover, criminal record databases are more difficult to refer to than passports.

Although the new ID card security standard has been approved across EU member states, those already issued will remain in circulation for the next five to ten years, facilitating the prospects for more fake documents.

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