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French Presidential Candidate Says EU Needs Stronger Borders

The French presidential candidate, Valerie Pecresse, has stressed the need for strong European borders.

Her comments came during a visit to the Republic of Greece, while the status of asylum and migrants will be brought to the table, reports.

“There is no Europe without borders, and the question of borders is an absolute key today to European power building,” Pekeris noted in this regard, as reported by Euronews.

The French presidential candidate for the conservative Republican Party is considered by many to be President Emmanuel Macron’s most important rival.

“It is not the fortress of Europe at all, but it is not a supermarket in Europe either. When we ask for entry points, it means that there are doors. During her two-day visit to Greece, she explained, there are doors, and you have to go through the door, and for me, that is it. European model.

In addition, Beckers said, “It is a model that when we want to enter someone’s house, we knock on the door and ask for permission to enter. It is not a model where everything is open to everyone.”

Authorities in Greece have often been criticized for pushbacks of illegal immigrants by the right groups; However, the country’s government has denied such criticism.

In this regard, the French presidential candidate praised the Greek asylum policy, stressing the significant decrease in the number of arrivals.

She noted that “what Greece has done with regard to the borders is quite exemplary,” adding, “They chose to be firm and human at the same time.”

Previously, reported that a large number of asylum seekers on the Greek island of Lesbos had been returned by authorities in Greece to the Turkish Sea after their money, mobile phones and all documents were confiscated.

The Turkish Coast Guard described the Greek authorities’ move as a clear case of an illegal response. This was not the first time that Greece and the Turkish authorities had reported such a situation. Many migrants attempt to enter European countries by crossing the sea from Turkey to the Greek islands.

The issue of asylum seekers remains among the most discussed topics within the European Union. Recently, European statistics provider Eurostat revealed that asylum applications in European countries are on the rise.

The report showed that the number of asylum applications for the first time increased by 21 percent in September, which represents 60,800 asylum applications in the European Union countries.

However, previously, several NGOs had brought charges against the Greek and Croatian authorities for allegedly pushing back illegal immigrants who tried to reach their lands.

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