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French President Calls for EU to Re-Establish External Borders

French President Emmanuel Macron has called for changes to the borders of the Schengen area since immigration flows have been repeatedly reported to be halted.

According to Macron, the external borders of the 27-nation bloc are threatened by immigration attacks, and its freedom is at risk if measures are not taken to guard the borders and monitor who enters, reports.

“We want to create a real Schengen Council to oversee the (passport-free) Schengen area, like we have for the eurozone,” Macron said in a speech in the city of Torkoeng on the Belgian border.

In addition, he noted the creation of a “rapid reaction force”, which would help protect the borders of the European Union in the event of illegal immigration. Either the idea of ​​the union’s asylum application process does not fit with Macron. He would like to see the EU more efficient in deporting those who receive a negative decision on their applications.

Macron also wants to reduce the number of visas issued to nationals of third world countries, as only 40 percent of visas denied entry are posted to the bloc.

Leaders of all 27 member states have agreed that immigration policies must be modified but have not yet decided how to do so.

However, France is dealing with immigration at its border with the United Kingdom, where 27 migrants died in November when a smuggling boat sank in the English Channel. The French Interior Ministry revealed that 52,000 people tried to cross the canal last year, a record number of illegal immigration.

A similar approach is observed on Macron’s rivals to the president, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour, because they do not support the current immigration situation and advocate the re-imposition of national border controls. Zemmour previously said that migrants die at sea “because we are not tough enough with them. If we tell them you are not coming to France, you will be deported as soon as you arrive, they will not die.”

The European Union Border Agency previously revealed that the number of illegal immigration increased in the EU in 2021, reaching the highest number of detections in the region since 2017. More specifically, nearly 200,000 detections were recorded – which represents An increase of 36 percent from 2019. And 57 percent more than in 2020.

Moreover, the route most affected remains the Central Mediterranean route, which includes countries such as Spain and Italy. The route saw an 83 percent increase compared to the previous year – registering a total of 65,362 illegal lanes coming from Libya, Tunisia and Turkey.

In addition, the largest number of immigrants this year came from Tunisia, while detections from Egypt reached similar rates. Besides Bangladeshi immigrants, Egyptians were among the main nationalities on the way.

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