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France’s Travel & Tourism Recovering Ahead of EU & Other World Countries

Research from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) revealed that the travel and tourism sector in France has grown by 34.9 percent this year.

The news was shared during the Destination France Summit, where the WTTC also added that the sector’s notable growth this year is outperforming other European countries by 23.9 percent and 30.7 percent compared to the international stage, reports.

As the WTTC shows, this recovery rate could bring France an additional 38 billion euros or 35 percent annual growth, which by 2022 is expected to reach 21.8 percent, or about 38 billion euros.

According to Julia Simpson, CEO of WTTC, France is recovering faster than other EU countries, but the country’s tourism and travel sector has a long way to go.

In the past year the pandemic has seen hundreds of thousands of jobs lost in France. Employment this year remains flat, but we expect to see a significant uptick in travel and tourism in France next year as long as the country remains open to immunized travelers.”

As the head of the WTTC said, about 200,000 French residents lost their jobs last year, but jobs are expected to remain at the same levels in 2021. Next year, the country expects a 9.4 percent rise, which represents 236,000 vacancies.

The same source shows that in 2020, the travel and tourism sector brought 108 billion euros to the country, which represents 4.7 percent of the national economy. This figure was 48.81 percent lower than in 2019 when the sector brought 211 million euros (8.5 percent) to the national economy.

In terms of tourism, domestic travel has been on the rise in France over the past two years, but it has not been enough to restore the economy and jobs lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The research also shows that domestic spending has increased by 56.6 percent this year, but international spending is expected to record a decline of 1.9 percent by the end of the year.

Overall, on an annual basis, domestic spending is expected to rise by 9.9 percent, while international spending could rebound by 67.8 percent, as vaccination campaigns have been implemented and employment rates have recovered somewhat. previously reported on the matter, revealing that a 35 percent increase would be evident in France’s travel and tourism sector. The same source reports that recovery will be evident sooner if vaccination campaigns are fully implemented, a common digital solution to be standardized and for governments recognizing vaccine manufacturers.

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