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France Will No Longer Offer Free COVID-19 Tests for Travel Purposes

French Prime Minister Jean Castix announced that COVID-19 tests that are performed for reasons other than those related to medical conditions will no longer be free.

Such a decision was announced on Sunday, September 26, and is expected to take effect on October 15, reports.

Accordingly, and in line with the new decision, all people who take the so-called “rest” test, which is done mainly by those who do not have any symptoms and just want to be reassured that they have not contracted the virus, will do so. to be charged.

Based on data provided by the French government, the price of the PCR test is 49 euros, while the antigen test costs 29 euros.

However, the authorities stressed that COVID-19 tests will remain free for all those who show any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, for those who have been in contact with a person infected with the virus, as well as for those who need it. To take the test for other medical reasons.

According to the French newspaper Le Parisien, Castex has highlighted that those who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus disease will be required to provide a prescription so that they can get a free test.

In contrast, the Prime Minister said that the vaccinators will be able to undergo the examination without a prescription, indicating that the examinations will continue as long as they are taken for medical reasons.

As most cases of COVID-19 are identified among young people, testing will also remain free for all under 18s.

The idea of ​​charging for COVID-19 tests was first announced by President Emmanuel Macron. Back in July, Macron said that free tests would no longer be provided.

Although people with a negative test result fall under the same conditions as those who have been vaccinated or recovered from the disease, Macron suggested at the time that everyone get fully vaccinated because it is more appropriate and safer to present a certificate of vaccination than to undergo a test Corona virus several days a week.

Earlier, Castex announced that the country’s authorities are also preparing a bill to extend Health Pass requirements, which is expected to be submitted on October 13.

France has already made the COVID-19 health pass mandatory for all people who want to attend certain places and activities, which means that access to restaurants, shops and other venues is only limited to those with one of the COVID-19 certificates.

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