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France to Partially Abolish COVID Vaccine Passport Requirement on March 14

The French authorities decided to terminate another measure for COVID-19, after assessing that the situation related to the virus in the country is relatively better and allows such a measure to be lifted.

French Prime Minister Jean Castix said in a press release on Thursday that starting from March 14, Monday, the obligation to carry the COVID-19 vaccination passport in order to access indoor areas such as cafeterias, restaurants, cinemas, stadiums, galleries, and similar venues.

“After the fifth wave of COVID-19 of an unprecedented magnitude, the health situation has improved significantly for several weeks. In particular, the pressure on hospitals due to the epidemic has significantly decreased, allowing the lifting of white plans and the gradual resumption of scheduled activities,” the minister said.

However, the obligation to carry a passport in order to go to places such as hospital entrances, institutions for the disabled and home care for the elderly will remain in effect in order to continue to protect the most vulnerable from the virus.

In a statement to BFM TV, French Health Minister Olivier Veran said that the obligation to carry a ticket in order to attend these venues will also be rescinded soon, reports.

“When we have emptied the intensive care units, or at least (…) when there is no further cancellation of the procedures and if there is no new variable in circulation, the benefit of permitting the vaccine will be moot,” the minister said.

Asked when this would happen, the minister indicated that the conditions for removing the corridor before July may be met if the COVID-19 situation continues to improve with the current steps.

He noted that “the vaccine permit will expire, and based on current trends, the end will likely come before July.”

From March 14, the obligation to carry a face mask in public indoor spaces will also be rescinded. The requirement will remain valid only on public transport.

Earlier today, reported that France has added nearly 30 countries from the world to its green list, allowing travelers from the same countries to enter French territory completely without restrictions, including here those who have not been vaccinated against COVID 19 for travel for tourism purposes.

While the move is huge for France, which has kept some of the strictest travel rules in place since the start of the pandemic, other countries in the European Union and the Schengen area have already scrapped all COVID-related travel restrictions.

For example, Iceland removed all border restrictions on February 25, while Italy and Denmark eased these restrictions on March 2. On March 3, Germany also removed all countries from the list of high-risk areas, automatically relaxing restrictions for all travelers from countries previously on this list, regardless of their vaccination status.

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