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France Officially Extends Health Pass Requirement Until Mid-2022

Nationals of France and travelers arriving in the country will be required to hold a Health Pass until July 2022 in order to allow them access to many indoor venues such as bars, restaurants, malls and hospitals, among others, since the bill on Health Pass requirement has been extended.

The Health Pass requirement extension was previously warned by, and the decision was approved only today. The French parliament passed a bill extending the health permit until July 31, 2022, with 118 votes in favor and 89 against, which means that the law has now been officially approved and will remain in effect until the middle of next year.

The French prime minister, Jean Castex, was the first to reveal that French authorities were working on the matter back in September.

At the time, he made it clear that French citizens and travelers should continue to follow traffic procedures to avoid any unexpected increase in COVID-19 infections and the spread of new strains.

Depending on the newly made changes, all people will still be required to present a valid vaccination certificate or recovery certificate to be allowed entry to certain closed places and activities.

Recent COVID-19 test results grant entry to most areas because they are considered equivalent to vaccination and recovery certificates. However, since it is more convenient and cost-effective to take the vaccine for free than to be tested several times a week, French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested that everyone be fully vaccinated.

Tourists have been required to carry a COVID-19 certificate while in France since August 9. Residents of an EU member state or countries associated with Schengen were able to enter France and the interior by submitting the EU digital COVID-19 only – 19 certificates. On the other hand, travelers from countries outside the EU/Schengen area are required to transfer their card.

However, travelers from third countries will not be able to transfer their vaccination certificates to the French Health Card.

From today, November 5, all third-country travelers arriving in France will be required to obtain a health permit in one of the pharmacies licensed by the state authorities, for which they will have to pay the sum of 36 euros per order.

The French health passport can be obtained by all third-country nationals who prove that they have been fully immunized with one of the vaccines recognized by France. Additionally, those who test positive within 72 hours and who have recovered from the virus are also eligible for a permit.

Earlier, Air France announced that the airline expects an increase of up to 75 per cent in booking prices during the winter season as more people plan to take a flight during the winter holidays.

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