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France Moves US & Several Other Third Countries to Green List

Travelers from the US and many other countries – Brazil, Egypt, almost all African countries, the Americas, among others – can now get into France without having to follow additional entry rules as they have all been moved to the green list.

Aside from the newly added countries, France’s green list already includes all EU/Schengen area countries as well as many other non-EU countries, reports.

The French Interior Ministry clarifies that restriction-free entry applies to all travelers arriving in France from the United States or any other Green List country provided they present one of the COVID-19 travel documents.

“No restrictions will apply when entering urban France from a Green List country or territory. There is no need for a compelling reason for travelers to France,” the French Interior Ministry stated.

Fully vaccinated travelers arriving in France from a green country do not need to undergo additional entry rules as long as they present a valid vaccination permit. Only vaccination certificates indicating that the primary vaccination has been completed within the past nine months at one of the accepted doses of the vaccine are valid in France. Vaccination cards indicating vaccination with a booster dose are also accepted.

Non-vaccinated travelers from the “green zones” can also enter France for travel purposes without having to undergo additional procedures upon arrival.

Only unvaccinated travelers arriving in France from a Green List country are required to submit a recently performed PCR or rapid antigen test.

“For travelers who are not immunized, the obligation to provide a negative test for travel to France remains in place, but measures are lifted on arrival (such as testing and isolation) when they come from countries on the ‘green’ list, which have a moderate circulation of the virus.”

France accepts PCR tests performed within the past 72 hours, while rapid antigen tests must be performed within 48 hours prior to arrival.

Unlike the United States and other third countries added to the green list, the ministry made it clear that the United Kingdom, Australia and China, among others, would remain part of the orange list until another update.

Vaccinated travelers from countries on the orange list can only enter France if they present a valid vaccination permit and a sworn statement certifying that they have no symptoms of the coronavirus.

The same applies to travelers who have not been vaccinated against the virus. Unvaccinated travelers entering France from a country on the Orange List must submit a sworn statement along with a negative test result upon arrival.

Previously, reported that France has raised the COVID-19 pass requirement for access to most venues and events. This means that travelers are now subject to less stringent procedures during their stay in France.

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