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France Cuts Number of Visas Granted to Nationals of Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia

The French authorities announced that the country decided to tighten restrictions related to the process of issuing visas to citizens of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

This means that France will now grant fewer visas than before to citizens of these three countries, as the same authorities refuse to take back their own citizens who are illegally staying in France after refusing asylum, reports.

Through an interview with Radio Europe 1, which was held today earlier this morning, the French government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, said that the country had adopted a law on immigration rules in 2018, which aims to implement more efficient rules regarding immigration policy .

According to him, the law established rules for who would be welcomed into France by the terms of asylum. However, he noted that those who are welcomed into the country should integrate into society while emphasizing the necessity of escorting those who do not intend to remain in French territory at the border.

This is the case for hundreds of nationals of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria residing illegally in France because their countries of origin refuse to issue a so-called consular permit, which would allow French authorities to return illegal immigrants to their countries of origin. .

On the subject, Atal said that his country had held talks with a certain number of countries, especially the countries of the Arab Maghreb, to ask them to issue these consular permits.

However, despite the talks held by the Prime Minister and other members of the government with the ambassadors of the countries concerned, Atal confirmed that the country had received threats regarding its decision to cut the number of visas issued to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. .

It’s a tough decision. It is an unprecedented decision, but a necessary one because these countries do not accept to take back nationals that we do not want and cannot keep.

According to figures compiled by, France issued 73,381 visas to Moroccan citizens during 2020. During the same year, French authorities issued 63,366 visas to Algerian citizens and 35,122 visas to Tunisian citizens.

Previously, the French authorities announced that the country will now provide new and updated assistance to all foreigners who need services related to residence permits. This means that after validating long-stay visas for foreigners, residence permits and other services can now be carried out online.

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