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Flight Bookings to US Mark Significant Increase, Analysis Shows

The US government previously confirmed that the US will open its doors to vaccinated travelers from the 26 countries in the Schengen area, as well as the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, South Africa, Iran, Brazil and India, on November 8, after banning entry to these countries for more than 18 months.

Based on the latest analysis, this decision led to an increase in the reservation to the United States after two major announcements made by the US authorities.

The first announcement, issued on September 20, confirmed that citizens of the aforementioned countries would be allowed to enter the United States without being required to follow mandatory quarantine rules, provided they had completed their vaccination process.

In this regard, by mid-October, bookings had increased by more than 70 percent compared to the situation prior to the pandemic, according to new research by ForwardKeys, reports.

Bookings on a weekly basis saw a massive increase from citizens of EU countries, or an increase of 185 per cent. A notable increase was also observed in bookings from the UK (83 per cent) and Brazil (71 per cent).

The White House made another announcement on October 15, when it revealed that on November 8, US authorities will ease restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers that were imposed to stop the further spread of the outbreak of the coronavirus and its new strains, especially the vaccinated delta variant. It infected a large number of people in the United States.

This second announcement led to another significant increase in bookings, according to figures published by ForwardKeys.

The same source shows that after the second announcement, bookings on a weekly basis registered a significant increase.

According to figures published by the analytics company, weekly bookings from EU citizens increased by 26 per cent, from the UK by 15 per cent and from Brazil by 100 per cent.

According to ForwardKeys’ note, based on data focused on three source markets regarding the distribution of confirmed reservations to access US soil during November and December, the company found two clear peaks:

Travel Immediately after the relaxation of travel restrictions during the week of November 8 (the UK, Brazil and the European Union reached 15 per cent of all flight bookings to the US) during the Christmas period, all three sources reached 16 per cent of bookings during the Christmas week and 14 percent in the previous week.

This data once again illustrates the huge demand for travel. People immediately heard that they would be allowed to visit the United States again, and booked, and booked a large percentage to travel ASAP. It is also interesting to note that bookings went higher once a specific date was set,” noted Juan Gomez, ForwardKeys Head of Market Intelligence in this regard.

Authorities in the US previously confirmed that travelers who are fully immunized with any of the US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved vaccines, such as Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen, as well as those who have been immunized with FDA-approved vaccines. The World Health Organization (Moderna, Pfizer/Bioantek, Janssen, AstraZeneca, including KoviShield) is allowed to enter the US territory once the ban is officially lifted.

>> The US reveals more details about removing the entry ban for vaccinated travelers from the EU and UK

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