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Finnish Border Guard Reports Increasing Number of Border Traffic

Travelers from several countries will continue to be prevented from crossing external border controls until October 10, when the Finnish Border Guard (Raja) will continue to supervise checkpoints while following government decisions.

Moreover, border control figures show an increase in passengers at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, registering a record 21,106 passengers, an increase of 2,377 from the previous week, reports.

During the past week, Raja has conducted 27 investigations at the border, which involved smuggling, government violations at the border, and possession of counterfeit items. Last week, this number was 14, which means that irregularities at the border are increasing in conjunction with the crossing of border passengers.

Moreover, during the past week, the border guards reported that eight people were handed over in inland traffic at the border at Helsinki airport and port, three more compared to the previous week. In addition, about four people have been denied entry to the country, one more than last week, and 16 asylum applications have been submitted.

However, fewer accidents have been reported in the offshore area, even though the traffic can be very congested at times. As night begins early this year, cases of water transport have been reported mostly in the early evenings and weekends.

“During the 39th week, the Coast Guard of the Gulf of Finland carried out extensive control over fishing and fishing in the coastal region of Kymenlaakso in cooperation with other authorities,” the press release issued by the authority revealed.

Moreover, 116 hunters or fishing gear were examined during the operation. 15 sanction or follow-up inspections were completed, although all violations detected were minor.

Previously, Raja reported that the number of Russian citizens crossing the northern border of Karelia has increased by 40 percent compared to last year, reaching more than 13,065 cross-border. On the other hand, the number of Finnish citizens crossing this checkpoint increased to 3,278 compared to 768 reported in September of 2020.

Raja attributed the increase to changes in travel restrictions by revealing that there was no illegal border crossing for this period. However, three people were fined, and another was reprimanded after they were found to have committed a border offense. Two other violations at the state border and a case of possession of a tool related to cybercrime were also revealed.

In accordance with the Finnish measures put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19, the country is allowing fully vaccinated travelers who have recovered from the virus.

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Furthermore, for those coming from high-risk countries who have previously tested negative for COVID-19, authorities are now requiring another test to be done three to five days on arrival. The same requirement applies to those who only received the first vaccine.

Data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) show that 86.5 percent of the Finnish adult population has received the first dose of the vaccine, and 76.7 percent of the adult population has been fully vaccinated.

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