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Finnair To Offer Buss Services for Its Shortest Routes

Finnair plans to replace one of the shortest routes with a bus, in order to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions while ensuring connectivity to booked destinations.

The decision comes after Finland’s largest airline announced that it is re-launching its services between two destinations, Turku and Tampere, while the bus will help finish flights from both the aforementioned regions to Helsinki with a duration of less than 30 minutes, reports.

The Finnish carrier wants to offer customers the opportunity to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions while supporting connections to the booked destination even in the event of a bus traffic disruption.

Many airlines in Europe have replaced their shorter routes with train services. In addition, the Connecting Europe Express train is designed for the European Year of Rail 2021. The train traveled 20,000 kilometers during a 36-day travel in the European Union in an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of railways.

Meanwhile, the Dutch airline, KLM, has replaced some of its services to Brussels from Schiphol with trains.

In addition, Austria and France have also banned domestic air links where railways can be connected for two and a half hours or a shorter period.

Finnair’s new plan will help restart services to Turku and Tampere, where a drop in air traffic has been observed since spring 2020 due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus.

Such a plan will help to finish the scheduled flight of both the above-mentioned territories to Helsinki within 35 minutes.

“Turco and Tampere are an important part of our network. Travel on these routes focuses on international exchange flights, and we want to continue to offer the best range of connections to customers in the regions,” Finnair Vice President Traffic Planning, Berto Julma, noted in this regard.

Julma stressed that Finnair wants to allow passengers to reduce their carbon footprint by switching to a bus connection.

In this regard, he noted, “We guarantee an advanced connection to the booked destination even in the event of a possible interruption in the bus connection.”

Previously, reported that the EU Commission had approved financial support of €351.38 million for Finnair, in accordance with EU state aid rules. This aid is earmarked to help the airline recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus between March 16 and December 31, 2020.

Finnair is one of Finland’s largest airlines, which saw around 15 million passengers in 2019, representing a total of 67 percent of passengers carried to and from the Scandinavian country in 2019.

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