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Finland to Introduce New Border Procedure for Unfounded Asylum Applications

The Finnish authorities have announced that the country is preparing to introduce new border procedures for people who submit unfounded asylum claims.

According to a press release issued today, on March 15, by the Finnish Ministry of Interior, the country plans to introduce new measures that will allow it to process applications immediately at or near the border, reports.

The ministry explained that the proposal to introduce a new border procedure was made in order to prevent applicants who do not meet the criteria for granting refugee status from entering the territory of Finland or other EU member states.

The project developed by the Ministry of the Interior is studying and preparing amendments to the law that would enable the introduction of border measures in Finland. Under border procedures, potentially unfounded asylum claims can be processed quickly at or near the border. This would prevent applicants from moving within Finland or to other countries in the European Union,” the ministry said in a statement.

The same has been noted that during border procedures, requests will be examined comprehensively, fairly and individually. The proposal is being prepared by the Ministry of Justice, the Finnish Immigration Service and the Police Board. Once completed, the proposal will be presented to Parliament in the fall session of 2022.

The ministry made it clear that if the new border measures are approved and put into practice, the country will be able to enhance its readiness regarding mixed attacks and the exploitation of migrants.

The European Union was dealing with mixed attacks earlier in 2021 when Belarus was trying to use migrants to destabilize the situation within the bloc. Belarus was aggressively pushing immigrants into Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

In order not to allow such situations to happen again, the Finnish authorities have assured that they will act proactively and effectively in the event of any intervention.

There are many different types of operational, legal, diplomatic and economic means to respond to the exploitation of migration as a tool. The ministry indicated that the solution to the political pressure of a foreign country exploiting immigration lies primarily in diplomacy.

It was made clear that the current rules do not prevent Finland from taking measures in order to manage its external borders. Thus, the Finnish authorities are able to close their borders if necessary in order to ensure public safety.

The European Union Commission had previously proposed a regulation to address the exploitation of migrants as a tool. The regulation allows all member states to take the necessary measures to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

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