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Finland No Longer Requires COVID-19 Test Results for Vaccinated Travellers From Third Countries

From today, February 15, vaccinated arrivals from all countries are allowed to visit Finland, exempt from additional testing requirements.

According to a press release from the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration, these measures will be in effect until March 13, as the government assesses the case of COVID-19, reports.

“The Border Guards do not require the above certificates as a condition of entry from Finnish citizens coming from a third country, from foreigners permanently residing in Finland, or from persons whose entry is based on a necessary reason such as urgent family matters or other compelling personal reasons,” the press release explains. .

Vaccines approved for entry into Finland include:

Comirnaty Pfizer-BioNTech from BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH Spikevax, formerly Moderna from Moderna Biotech Spain, SL Vaxzevria, formerly AstraZeneca by AstraZeneca Ab Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) by Janssen – Cilag International NV BIBP / Sinopharm by Beijing Institute of Biological Products by COV Institute From India CoronaVac by Sinovac Life Sciences Covaxin Nuvaxovid Covovax

On the other hand, non-vaccinated travelers are only allowed to enter Finland with a special permission that does not include tourism.

>> Finland snippets of pre-entry test requirements for travelers from other countries

According to the European Union and the Schengen Area, travelers are exempted from all requirements and can enter the country freely. In addition, countries included in the European Union, and thus the Green List of Finland, are also allowed to enter Scandinavian territory under the same rules as European citizens.

The third countries on the green list include:

Bahrain Colombia Chile Hong Kong Indonesia Kuwait Macau New Zealand Peru Qatar Rwanda Saudi Arabia South Korea Taiwan United Arab Emirates Uruguay

Finland has recorded 582,383 positive cases with COVID-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic, with five per cent of these cases or 34,715 reported in the past seven days. As revealed by the World Health Organization, the death toll in the country has reached 2,214.

In addition, Finland’s vaccination rates remain among the highest in the EU, with 76 percent of Finns being fully vaccinated, about 6.8 percent more than the cumulative average for all EU/EEA countries. In addition, 48.2 percent of the population received a booster dose, the equivalent of 2.6 million citizens.

After nearly two years of restrictions, the summer season looks promising for European citizens. Moreover, several countries have completed the test requirements, such as the United Kingdom, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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