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Finland Has Removed COVID-19 Internal Border Controls Today

Authorities have revealed that Finland’s internal border controls, which have been deployed to curb rates of COVID-19 infection, have been abolished for all arrivals from European Union member states.

According to the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while the decision to open internal borders took effect on January 31, the external borders, which were imposed on arrivals from all third countries, will remain in place until February 14, reports.

“However, all passengers are required to provide certifications provided by the Infectious Diseases Act and comply with decisions made by state regional administrative agencies regarding mandatory health checks,” the press release explains.

The Finnish government has imposed internal borders for an unusual reason – the COVID-19 pandemic in order to prevent an increase in the infection rates of the virus. During this time, passengers from EU member states were required to present a digital EU COVID-19 certificate, which confirmed that the holder had received a full course of vaccination, had previously contracted the virus, or tested negative for the disease in the last 72 to 48 hours. . Furthermore, depending on the country of origin or classification system, travelers from certain countries were required to be quarantined upon arrival.

However, the external borders, which will remain in place until mid-February, prevent passengers from entering the country without presenting one of the following documents:

Vaccination certificate evidencing the complete vaccination series (one-dose or two-dose vaccine) or the first two-dose vaccination given to the traveler seven to 270 days before travel. six months

In addition to submitting one of these documents, the passenger at the external border is required to show the result of the COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen), which was performed 48 hours before arrival. The external borders of all nationals of third countries, including Turkey, Russia and the United Kingdom, which are located on the European continent but not in the European Union, have been published.

However, the number of positive cases infected with COVID-19 is on the rise in the country as data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that 32,325 positive cases and five deaths related to COVID-19 have been reported in Finland over the past seven days. The country’s vaccination rates are very high, with 74.6 percent of Finns being fully vaccinated, about 4.5 percent more than the cumulative average for all EU/EEA countries. In addition, 42.8 percent of the population received a booster dose.

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