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Finland Extends Current COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Until January 31

The Finnish Ministry of the Interior has announced that internal border control and entry requirements will continue to apply to travelers arriving in Finland.

The decision was set during a public hearing on January 13 and will go into effect on Monday, January 17, reports.

Although entry rules will remain mostly unchanged, meaning travelers will have to present a certificate of vaccination to enter the country, those who cannot get the vaccination for medical reasons must provide medical evidence to confirm their symptoms and COVID-19 take the test 48 hours before Access. This requirement applies to all travelers aged 16 years and over.

The press release explains that “internal border controls will continue, and entry restrictions will remain largely unchanged until January 31. However, some restrictions have been eased from the restrictions placed on those who, for medically justified reasons, cannot take the coronary artery vaccine.”

Moreover, the decision on traffic across external borders for third-country nationals will be amended, as they will be able to enter the country under similar grounds to EU and Schengen citizens.

In addition, residents of the border communities between Finland and Sweden and Finland and Norway and individuals traveling between the municipality of Norrtälje and the county of Öland in Sweden can enter Finland by presenting either a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of recovery issued less than six months ago or a negative COVID-test certificate result 19 At least seven days before arriving in Finland.

However, a negative test result is not required from Finnish citizens arriving in the country as well as foreigners permanently residing in Finland and individuals who can enter based on a necessary reason such as family matters or other personal reasons.

Authorities are warning passengers that although they can enter Finland without a test, other countries and airlines may have their own testing requirements.

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Official data provided by the World Health Organization shows that a total of 361,555 people have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, while 1,700 have died during the same period. WHO figures show that Finland has recorded 46,078 new cases in the past seven days and five deaths.

In addition, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reveals that 79.3% of the population in Finland received the first vaccination of the COVID-19 vaccine, while 75.3% were fully vaccinated. The country also has among the highest rates of booster vaccination with 28.4 percent of the population having received these vaccinations.

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