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Finland: Entry Rules for EU & Third Countries’ Nationals Explained

Finland has relaxed entry rules for travelers, especially those who have been vaccinated, after it was one of the countries with the most additional requirements such as testing.

According to the Finnish Border Guard, concessional entry rules will apply from February 15 until March 13, when travelers will be allowed to enter Finland, depending on their vaccination status and country of origin, reports.

Entry requirements for travelers from EU/EEA countries

To enter Finland, the border control authority decides whether a person can enter the country after undergoing a medical examination. This action can include certification screening, COVID-19 tests, quarantines, health checks, and contact information gathering.

Travelers from all 27 EU member states, Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Monaco, Romania, San Marino and Vatican City are allowed to enter Finland by presenting one of the following certificates:

Vaccination certificate with the basic course of vaccination seven days prior to arrival. 72 hours prior to entry, which may be followed by an additional post-arrival test on days 3 and 5

If any of these documents cannot be submitted, the traveler is required to submit a COVID-19 test that is taken within 24 hours of arrival, preferably a PCR or recognized antigen test valid for entry into Finland. An additional test to be performed within days 3 and 5 is required, and it is also required for those who provide pre-departure testing and those who have had one vaccination.

In addition, those who have had only one dose of the vaccination are required to submit a test at the earliest and at least five days after their arrival in the country.

“We also recommend using the Finentry service before entering Finland. In this service, you can, for example, book an appointment for a test in Finland. The Finnish authorities remind that using the service and making an appointment for a coronavirus test through the service and the test itself are all free.

>> Finland no longer requires COVID-19 test results for vaccinated travelers from third countries

Vaccines approved for entry into Finland, as explained by the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) are:

Comirnaty Pfizer-BioNTech from BioNTech Spikevax, formerly Moderna from Moderna Biotech Vaxzevria, formerly AstraZeneca by AstraZeneca Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) by Janssen BIBP / Sinopharm from Beijing COVISHIELD by Serum Institute of India CoronaVaxium Entry requirements by Novaxovac Institute Entry requirements In India for travelers from third world countries

Arrivals through external border traffic or third countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Turkey are required to submit one of the following documents:

The vaccination certificate with the basic course of vaccination was received seven days prior to arrival. A certificate of recovery confirmed by a positive laboratory test, valid for six months.Document indicating that the traveler has been infected with the Corona virus and has taken one dose of the vaccine.

These measures apply to all arrivals over the age of 16.

On the other hand, Finnish citizens, permanent residents and those entering the country for essential reasons are exempt from this requirement.

Local COVID-19 Restrictions

The requirement to wear a mask in all indoor public places and on public transport remains in force and applies to all citizens regardless of their vaccination status.

Hygiene requirements for restaurants, shopping malls and recreational activities still apply. However, restrictions on opening hours, serving alcoholic beverages, restrictions on the number of customers and maximum capacity of restaurants have been lifted.

The COVID-19 certificate can be requested by the personnel department of the facility where the travelers are traveling, but it is generally not the main document for entry to such facilities, since the Finnish government plans to re-present the passport as a final stand if the epidemiological situation worsens, for example, Because of a new virus variant.

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