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Finland Ends Restrictions for Kuwaiti Travellers & Extends Current External Border Restriction For Another 2 Weeks

The authorities announced, starting from Monday, October 11, that Kuwaiti travelers will be allowed to enter Finland, as the external borders imposed on this country have been lifted.

According to the press release from the Finnish authorities, the current restrictions at the external borders will remain in place until October 24, reports.

Entry restrictions for Kuwaiti residents arriving in Finland from Kuwait will be lifted. The government made a decision on this matter on October 7, and the decision will enter into force on October 11.”

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This decision allows fully vaccinated Kuwaitis to enter Finland without being quarantined and tested for entry requirements. Furthermore, a traveler is considered fully vaccinated if 14 days have passed since the last vaccination. Vaccines recognized by the Finnish health authorities include:

Comirnaty Pfizer-BioNTech from BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH Spikevax, formerly Moderna from Moderna Biotech Spain, SL Vaxzevria, formerly AstraZeneca by AstraZeneca Ab Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) by Janssen – Cilag International NV BIBP / Sinopharm by Beijing Institute of Biological Products by COV Institute CoronaVac from India by Sinovac Life Sciences

Unprotected travelers from embargoed countries can only travel to Finland if they are permanent citizens of Finland or citizens of the European Union. Those who pass through Finnish territory on the way of transit or travel for necessary reasons can enter the country.

Moreover, other third-country nationals allowed to enter Finnish territory include Hong Kong, Macau, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and New Zealand, with countries reporting relatively low infection rates with the coronavirus.

Nationals of the Schengen area and EU member states are also allowed to travel to Finland without quarantine and testing requirements, especially those who hold a European COVID vaccination passport, as the document is issued to those who have been vaccinated with the approved vaccines by the European Medicines Agency (Moderna), Pfizer and AstraZeneca. and Jansen). People who were previously infected with COVID-19 are also eligible to get the document.

Arrivals from high-risk areas such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and Turkey are prohibited from entering Finland. On the other hand, the European Council recommended that people from Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates be allowed to enter the European Union member states. Countries have reported a decrease in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks.

According to the epidemiological situation in Finland, the country has recorded 145,354 cases of COVID-19 virus since the outbreak of the epidemic, with 255 cases reported in the past 24 hours.

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