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Finland: D Visa Would Accelerate the Entry of Students & Researchers With a Residence Permit

The authorities in Finland have said that the amendments to the Aliens Act will further expand the use of the long-term visa, called the D visa.

In addition, according to the Finnish government, the changes will contribute to education as well as simplify work-based immigration procedures, reports.

Previously, it was reported that the government submitted a relevant proposal to Parliament on June 16.

The authorities in Finland have made it clear that the D visa can be issued to students, researchers and employees as well as employers, executive companies and family members of the above-mentioned individuals.

According to the government announcement, the Finnish Immigration Service will issue a D visa in connection with a positive residence permit decision; Thus, those who have obtained a residence permit can travel to Finland faster than at present.

This process would also facilitate the timely start of studies, research and work, as well as facilitate the appointment of experts as well as strengthen Finland’s attractiveness.

Finland’s goal is to have a balanced immigration policy in which immigration based on education and work plays an important role. In this regard, the Minister of the Interior, Krista Mikkonen, explained that the changes now introduced are part of a comprehensive package of measures through which the government aims to respond to the shortage of experts and increase Finland’s attractiveness.

An AD visa can also be issued for entry to a residence permit holder residing abroad whose residence card has been lost, stolen, or expired.

Besides, an amendment to the Aliens Act was incorporated into the Interior Ministry bill, which would allow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a temporary residence permit to young people from diplomatic families arriving in Finland up to the age of 20.

This is in line with international practice. Currently, young people in diplomatic families must apply for an extension of their residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service after the age of 18,” the statement explains.

The authorities in Finland previously announced the launch of a fast-track immigration corridor for professionals as well as growth entrepreneurs, allowing them and their families to also develop entrepreneurs, allowing them and their families to obtain a residence permit within 14 days.

Based on a previous press release issued by the Finnish Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Employment and Economy, the fast-track procedure for these categories will start in early June, while the time-out for these measures is among the main measures taken by the government to introduce such a decision in order to facilitate the migration of skilled workers .

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