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EU’s Top Universities Are Now Asking Students to Get Vaccinated in Order to Attend In-Person Activities

Universities across Europe sometimes require national laws related to COVID-19 prevention measures, and sometimes because of their choice, their students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to be eligible to attend classes and personal exams.

With the start of the 2021-2022 academic year, the list of universities within the European Union that require students to prove they are immune to COVID-19 is growing.

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However, compared to US universities, of which a large proportion have imposed a vaccination requirement in order to be eligible to enter campus, the number of EU universities requiring proof of vaccination is much lower.

Since there is no common rule in universities across Europe on mandating a vaccine, students have struggled to know whether the university they attended, or the university they wished to attend, imposes such a requirement.

Santiago Nunes, who has not yet been vaccinated, told that he was planning to do a master’s degree in Europe next year, but was puzzled whether or not he would have to be vaccinated.

Nunes, who is reluctant to get COVID-19 vaccines, says whether or not the university orders the vaccination has a significant impact on his decision on where to study.

“I have completed my Bachelor’s studies with distinction, and got the highest scores in tests like SAT, TOEFL and GAD. I have no doubt that I will be accepted into at least half of the universities I am looking to apply to. However, if these universities ask me to receive the vaccination for Attending classes, I will have to reconsider whether I want to do my masters there or not.

Like Nunes, many other students have had to “pick up” what information universities require to get vaccinated, as rules change from one European university to another.

For example, Central European University, which has campuses in Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary, requires its students to show evidence of vaccination against COVID-19 with the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency and KofiSchild. Those who have not been vaccinated are required to submit negative PCR test results for no more than 48 hours.

In France, on the other hand, the Passe Sanitaire is not required in higher education institutions, but the same is required for festive events organized by student unions during the beginning of the year period or when higher education institutions are culturally organized. and sporting events.

Passe Sanitaire is issued to those who have been vaccinated with one of the vaccines accepted in France against COVID-19, who have recovered from COVID-19, and those who test for the virus within the time frame provided by the authorities.

However, the validator developed by Erudera, the world’s first AI-powered educational research platform, can help students find out if their university imposes such a requirement.

University of Erudera Vaccine Requirements Checker is very easy to use. In one step, the student can find out which universities in the country they are studying or plan to study, which have a vaccine mandate applied.

According to the auditor, some of the EU universities that require their students to be vaccinated are:

University of Antwerp, Belgium, Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, University of Düsseldorf, Germany Trinity College, Ireland University of Applied Sciences Fribourg, Switzerland

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