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Eurostat: Air Passenger Transport Marked 73% Decline in 2020

Data provided by the European Union statistical office, Eurostat, showed that the total number of air passengers in the European Union during the past year amounted to 277 million, which represents an overall decrease of 73% compared to the figures for 2019.

The profound decline in air passenger transport was mainly the result of travel bans and other restrictions imposed by governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, reports.

Due to the rapid spread of the Corona virus and its new strains, all member states of the European Union experienced a significant drop in air traffic, while International Air Transport (IATA), previously called 2020 “the worst year ever” in the history of global aviation and transportation.

Based on figures provided by Eurostat, Slovenia suffered the largest drop in air passenger transport or a total of 83 percent of the drop, followed by Slovakia and Croatia, with both countries recording an overall decrease of 82 percent.

Eurostat figures also revealed that 20 EU member states recorded an overall decline of 70 percent or more over the same period. Meanwhile, the remaining four member states recorded a decrease of more than 65 percent, while Luxembourg saw the lowest decrease, or 67 percent.

Eurostat figures also showed that the share of additional air transport and within the European Union decreased while national air transport increased.

Passenger transport outside the European Union accounted for 45 percent of total air passenger transport in 2020. On the other hand, transport within the European Union represented 33 percent, and national transport represented 22 percent. Compared to 2019, the share of transport outside and within the European Union decreased by 6 percentage points and 1 percentage point in 2020, in favor of national transport.”

In August, a report published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) showed that due to entry bans and other preventive measures imposed by governments, 2020 was the worst year for air transport.

Based on the figures provided by the International Air Transport Association, only 1.8 billion passengers traveled during the past year, registering a decrease of 60.2 percent compared to 4.8 billion passengers during 2019, before the outbreak of the Corona virus.

“The decrease in the number of air passengers carried in 2020 was the largest since tracking of global air passengers began around 1950,” reads the statement published by the International Air Transport Association.

Demand for air travel, which is measured in passenger revenue kilometres, has also fallen 65.9 percent over the past year.

A previous report published by Eurostat showed that in March 2020, the number of commercial flights registered a 44 percent decrease compared to the March 2019 figures.

Eurostat figures also revealed that the largest decrease in the number of commercial flights was recorded in April (a total of 91% compared to the figures for the same period one year ago), May (% decrease compared to the figures for the same period for 2019 and June (84% decrease).

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