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European Citizens Panel Unfolds Recommendations to Help Deal With Migration & Make EU Stronger

A total of 40 recommendations were made by the Committee of European Citizens on dealing with the current immigration situation and trying to strengthen the European Union.

The recommendations came during the recent meeting of the European Citizens Committee, which was held in Maastricht, the Netherlands, reports.

According to the report published by the European Union, the recommendations focus mainly on the following areas:

Self-reliance and the limits of stability The European Union as a strong European international partner in a peaceful world Migration from a humanitarian point of view Responsibility and solidarity across the European Union

The team recommended that the EU authorities actively participate in the development of countries that are not part of the bloc and “where there is a large influx of migrants”.

“The EU, with the help of relevant bodies (eg local NGOs, local politicians, field workers, experts, etc.), should look for ways to intervene peacefully, efficiently and effectively in countries with significant migration flows that have already agreed With the exact terms of cooperation with local authorities,” the statement read.

According to the commission, such interventions must have tangible results, while their impact must be determined so that EU citizens can understand the EU’s development aid policy.

At the same time, the Committee for European Citizens revealed the idea of ​​a common European framework, thus harmonizing working conditions in EU member states.

The EU should try to establish common core standards on employment to prevent the emigration of citizens who leave their countries of origin in search of better working conditions. As part of these standards, the EU must strengthen the role of trade unions at the transnational level. By doing so, the EU will consider internal economic migration as a critical issue,” the statement read.

The Committee went on to add that the EU labor migration system must be based on the real needs of the European labor market.

Another proposal focused on certification from outside and within the bloc. The authority urged the imposition of a unified system for the recognition of professional and academic certificates, stressing the necessity of providing offers of professional qualification and offers of cultural and linguistic integration for qualified immigrant in specific fields.

The European Citizens Committee said that people who seek international protection in the EU and who are eligible should have access to the labor market. In addition, the team said there should be an agency on which the European Cooperation Network for Employment Services could be the basis.

It has also been suggested that the EU expand its legislation to allocate more powers and independence to the European border agency Frontex.

“This enables them to intervene in all member states so that they can ensure the protection of all the external borders of the European Union,” the statement notes.

At the same time, according to the commission, the European Union should organize an audit of Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, after transparency is required in the work of Frontex, in order to avoid violations, after the agency was accused several times of being involved in human rights violations .

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