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EU Won’t Accelerate Ukraine’s Membership Procedures Despite the War

European Union leaders once again expressed their support for Ukraine during their two-day meeting in Versailles, France.

Through a joint statement issued yesterday, on March 11th, the leaders of Group Seven (G7) said that they stand with the Ukrainian people and government who are heroically resisting the war of choice against their sovereign nation.

We are united in our determination to hold President Putin and his regime accountable for this unjustified and unjustified war that has already isolated Russia in the world. The world must unite in calling on President Putin and his regime to immediately halt their ongoing assault on Ukraine and withdraw its military forces. We stand in solidarity with those who courageously oppose the invasion of Ukraine,” stated part of the G7 leaders’ statement.

However, although the G7 leaders have fully supported Ukraine’s resistance against Russia, they have once again emphasized that it is impossible for Ukraine to join the bloc through a fast track, reports.

During talks on Thursday, March 10, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said there was no such thing as a fast track while emphasizing that Ukraine’s accession to the EU was “a long-term thing”.

Just a day later, the leaders came out with a joint statement and said that the EU Council had invited the EU Commission to give an opinion on Ukraine’s application for EU membership. At the same time, the leaders emphasized that they will deepen their partnership to support Ukraine in joining the European Union.

The G7 leaders also touched on other relevant topics during the summit. Through the same joint statement, the leaders affirmed that they will continue to introduce and implement restrictive measures against persons and entities that have important economic roles in supporting the Putin regime.

“We are committed to continuing our campaign of pressure on Russian elites, proxies and oligarchs close to President Putin and other architects of the war, as well as their families and enablers,” the leaders added.

As for Ukraine, the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, upon arrival at the meeting of EU leaders in Versailles, said they would increase their contribution to military support.

We will increase our contribution by another 500 million euros in military support to Ukraine. Yesterday I suggested this to the leaders. The European Peace Facility will double its support with an additional €500 million.

More than 2.2 million Ukrainian citizens have fled to one of Ukraine’s neighboring countries since February 24. The data shows that the numbers continue to increase every day.

>> The European Union increases its solidarity with those fleeing the war in Ukraine

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