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EU to Strengthen Cross-Border Traffic Rules Within EU

European citizens have been invited to participate in two public consultations launched by the European Commission, focusing on future rules for driving licenses and enforcement of cross-border traffic rules.

According to the EU Commission’s press release, the legislation, which intends to halve the number of road deaths by 2030, will also facilitate free movement for Europeans and improve digitalization in the sector, reports.

“There have already been many advances in road design and vehicle characteristics and there are simply more people on the road, which makes driving more difficult. Digital driver’s licenses can become an important step in facilitating people’s freedom of movement. However, we will also need to ensure that safety rules are respected on the roads in the entire European Union, and for drivers in cross-border traffic to respect road legislation when driving in another Member State,” said EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valian.

It also called on representatives of industry, civil society, academia and public authorities to address these issues and encouraged them to come up with solutions in an effort to make EU roads safer.

The commission also invites citizens and other interested parties to express their concerns on this issue, for example, changes to driving licenses, including driver training and test periods, the introduction of digital driving licenses, and mutually recognized driving qualifications.

With regard to cross-border enforcement, it includes mutual assistance and recognition procedures for cross-border investigations of road safety-related traffic offenses and cross-border enforcement of penalties; and improving oversight and monitoring reports.

Moreover, environmental groups and organizations, such as Greenpeace, are urging European citizens to reduce the use of car transport and to choose rail as a mode of transport, provided that this form of transport is more sustainable.

“The commission’s designation is the Greenwash License. Polluting companies would be happy to win EU approval to attract money and continue to destroy the planet by burning fossil gas and producing radioactive waste. Promoting these toxic and costly forms of energy for decades to come presents a real threat to Europe’s energy transition, As stated in the statement issued by the non-governmental organization.

Previously, European statistics provider Eurostat revealed that the European Union had reached the target level of 10 percent for renewable energy in 2020.

The country that used renewable energy or more sustainable transportation options for 2020 was Sweden with 31.9 percentage points – about three times more than the EU average of 10.2 per cent, followed by Finland (13.4 per cent), the Netherlands and Luxembourg (both 12.6 per cent). .

On the other hand, the countries that made the least progress during the year include Greece by 5.3 percentage points and Lithuania by 5.5 percentage points, confirming that those countries are still polluters because their efforts for green travel are minimal.

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