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EU to Consider Imposing Travel Bans & Other Sanctions on Bosnian Serbs If Current Situation in BiH Deteriorates

The European Union authorities are considering imposing restrictions on the Serbian regime in Bosnia and Herzegovina if the current crisis in the Balkan country continues to deteriorate.

It was announced that the proposed restrictions would be discussed later this month during a meeting scheduled in Brussels, reports.

Taking into account the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, EU officials have suggested that the responsible authorities impose travel bans on officials of the Autonomous Republika Srpska if its leader Milorad Dodik takes any measures that threaten the country.

In addition, according to Reuters, it has been proposed to freeze the assets of the people involved if Bosnian Serb politicians seek to seize powers from the central state. The authorities indicated that the sanctions could be expanded to include other restrictions, although they will remain as a last resort for the time being.

The proposal to introduce restrictive measures, such as travel bans and asset freezes, follows the actions taken by the legislators of the Republika Srpska. On February 10, the latter voted to form a separate body, which would be used to elect judges and prosecutors, thus removing the region from Bosnia’s judicial establishment.

The United States had also previously warned the leader of the Serb Republic, Dodik, because its regime was threatening the union. The US Treasury has previously accused Dodik of corruption and threatening the regional stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Reuters further revealed that German authorities had already called for restrictions on the Bosnian Serb leader, Dodik. On the other hand, the Hungarian authorities argued that the restrictive measures would be unfavorable because the EU aims to include all the Balkan countries in the 27-nation bloc.

Since the end of the Balkan wars that broke out in the 1990s, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been going through its worst political crisis. Since then, Bosnian Serbs have challenged Bosnia’s institutions as part of their efforts to secede and join Serbia.

Despite the ongoing political issues, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the provinces dealing with increased migratory flows. In an effort to support migrants who were staying within the country, the European Union Commission allocated €2.5 million.

It was revealed that this fund will be used mainly to support immigrants, especially children and unprotected minors.

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