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EU Registers Over 20,000 Flights per Day Despite War in Ukraine

The European organization for the safety of air navigation, Eurocontrol, revealed through its latest report that the number of flights during the tenth week has increased despite the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Data published by Eurocontrol shows that the continent recorded more than 20,000 flights per day during the tenth week. This means that the number of trips during the 10th week reached 73.6 percent of the total activity recorded in 2019, reports.

‚ÄúDespite the terrible crisis in Ukraine, traffic in the tenth week was more than 20,000 trips/day, 73.6 per cent of 2019; Eurocontrol general manager Eamon Brennan said on his official Twitter account: “The snow has caused Turkey is in the decline of this situation.

Apart from the above mentioned, Eurocontrol has revealed through its comprehensive assessment that no traffic in Ukraine has been recorded in Moldova.

As for general activity within the territory of the European Union, it has been observed that low-cost airlines continue to operate at increased capacity.

After the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the number of flights around the world, especially those operating within the European Union, increased dramatically.

Of all the EU operators, Ryanair has been the busiest. The airline operated an average of 2,17 flights per day over the past week, marking a 10% increase over the same period in 2019.

Followed by Ryanair EasyJet with an average of 1,32 flights over the past week, Turkish Airlines with an average of 849 flights over the past week, Air France with an average of 836 flights, Lufthansa with 808 and KLM with 622 flights.

Due to the easing of travel procedures, Germany recorded the largest number of departures and arrivals. During the tenth week, Germany recorded an average of 3,425 flights. It is followed by Spain with an average of 3,280 flights, France with an average of 3,221 flights, Italy with 2,341 flights, and the Netherlands with an average of 1,257 flights.

Norway, Switzerland and Portugal also enter the list of the top ten countries with the most flights during the tenth week.

For travel between EU and non-EU countries, Eurocontrol explained that due to the closure of airspace, countries and operators had to re-route their flights. Such a thing extended the flight time, especially for flights between Helsinki and Tokyo.

Previously, reported that flying time between countries on two different continents increased by about five hours. Flight time between Helsinki and Tokyo increased by 286 minutes. In addition, the flight time between Helsinki and Beijing has increased by about four hours, and the flight time between Paris and Tokyo has increased by two and a half hours.

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