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EU Recognises COVID-19 Certificates of Singapore & Togo as Equivalent to Those Issued by EU Members

Certificates of vaccination against COVID-19 issued by two other countries – Singapore and Togo – are recognized by the European Union Commission as equivalent to those issued by EU member states.

Resolutions certifying that COVID-19 certificates issued by Singapore and Togo are equivalent to an EU COVID digital certificate were adopted by the Commission yesterday, November 24. Whereas, from today, the two countries will be linked to the EU system, as a result their COVID certificates will be accepted across the bloc under the same conditions as the EU’s digital COVID certificate.

“This means that holders of certificates issued by these two countries will be able to use it under the same conditions as holders of an EU COVID digital certificate. At the same time, the countries have agreed to accept an EU COVID digital certificate for travel from the EU to their countries,” the Commission explains. In a press release issued on the matter.

Singapore thus became the first Southeast Asian country, while Togo became the first sub-Saharan African country interconnected with the system.

Commenting on the decisions, Commissioner of Justice Didier Reynders noted that 51 countries and territories on five continents are now linked to the EU’s COVID digital certificate system.

“With the end of the year holiday approaching, I would like to re-emphasize to travelers the importance of this tool to enhance confidence for travel in and out of the European Union,” Commissioner Reynders said, among others.

The decision comes at a time when the European Union is looking into the possibility of changing the rules under which vaccination passports are issued and discussing whether third doses should be included in these documents.

So far, all 26 Schengen Area countries, as well as non-Schengen non-EU members – Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus – are connected to the system. Small European countries such as Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City and San Marino are also part of it.

Previously on November 15, Georgia, Moldova and Serbia officially joined the EU COVID digital certification portal, while Armenia and the UK became part of the system on October 28.

The latter has been trying to get its NHS Covid Pass recognized under the European Union’s digital vaccine certification program since early summer, on July 28.

So far, the third countries that are part of the system are:

Albania Armenia Faroe Islands Georgia Israel Moldova Morocco North Macedonia Panama Serbia Singapore Turkey Togo Ukraine

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However, travelers from all these countries should check if their vaccine is approved in the EU/Schengen country they are traveling to. Travelers can check the viability of their vaccine with the Vaccine Check Tool developed by VisaGuide.World, which helps travelers check if the vaccine they have been vaccinated with is recognized by their destination country.

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