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EU Reached Its Target for Renewable Energy Used in Transport for 2020, Data Reveals

The European Union has reached the target level of 10 percent of the share of renewable energy used in transport during 2020, European statistics reveal.

According to Eurostat, the average share of renewable energy, which includes the use of liquid biofuels, bio-methane and “green” electricity used in transportation, jumped 1.6 percent in 2004, to reach 10.2 percent in 2020 – exceeding the target by an amount 0.2 percentage point, report.

The most successful country to achieve this goal, and therefore use renewable energy or sustainable transportation options, is Sweden with 31.9 percentage points – about three times the European Union average of 10.2 percent. Finland (13.4 per cent), the Netherlands and Luxembourg (both 12.6 per cent) are included after Sweden, while the least developed countries are included on the other end of the scale, Greece (5.3 per cent) and Lithuania for 2020. (5.5 per cent) .

Although not including the highest percentage point, several EU member states recorded significant progress, such as Estonia, which registered an increase of 5.8 percentage points, Luxembourg with 4.4 points, Belgium with 4.2, and Cyprus with an additional 4.1 percentage points.

The European Union has made continuous efforts to reach this goal and, in general, to take action on climate change issues. Recently, the NGO Greenpeace urged EU member states to focus more on green travel, such as using trains or buses as a form of transportation rather than air travel, which is estimated to account for 11 percent of total gas. emissions worldwide.

The organization criticized the European Union Commission, saying it had demonstrated “appalling disregard for the climate crisis”, and called on Parliament to halt the rating scheme, which was cited as the Greenwash License.

“Gas projects with permits issued through 2030 will also be eligible, provided they meet a series of conditions, including emissions below 270gCO2/kWh. In connection with the plan, these provisions will deal a significant blow to the Climate and Environment in the European Union.

However, the pollution rates caused by the European Union, especially commercial flights, are alarming. According to the International Council on Clean Transport (ICCT), EU member states, China and US airports generated more than half of their carbon dioxide emissions in 2019.

The same reveals that more than 175 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions are caused by commercial flights in the US, followed by China which has recorded 90 million metric tons, and this is expected to exceed EU and US levels by 2050, as the leader. ICCT’s aviation researcher, Brandon Graver, claimed.

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