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EU & Qatar Sign Aviation Agreement for Facilitation of Travel & Fair Competition For Airlines

The European Union and the State of Qatar signed an aviation agreement aimed at facilitating air travel, introducing air transport opportunities and increasing economic cooperation between the two parties.

According to a press release from the European Commission, the agreement is expected to enable direct flights from the EU to Qatar and vice versa while maintaining high standards of fair competition and safety and addressing environmental and social issues, reports.

Furthermore, this agreement introduces one set of rules for the first time, which includes the following:

Fair competition among stakeholders, in order to avoid abuses, Transparent provisions to check commitments fully respected. Provisions for social issues to ensure that the social and labor policies of signatories to the agreement are in line with international commitments. Regular meetings and discussions to address all final issues and differences A responsive social system to resolve any dispute passed by the Joint Commission immediately.Provisions facilitating commercial ventures including also eliminating obligations of EU airlines to operate through a local sponsor

While this agreement provides global connectivity to both parties, it also paves the way for increased trade and tourism figures, accelerating economic growth and opening job vacancies for individuals. On the other hand, this agreement provides more competitive rates to EU citizens. Thus, air travel prices are affordable and strengthen the aviation sector in terms of economic profits and more sustainable options.

“It is a testament to our shared commitment to economically, socially and environmentally sustainable aviation, based on a modern framework covering fair competition and closer cooperation on social and environmental matters. The Commissioner for Mobility and Transport, Adina Valian, said of the agreement, this agreement will provide new opportunities, more choices, and higher standards. For travelers, industry and aviation workers.

Qatar is an important partner in the aviation field of the European Union as the country plays a key role in the open and fair competition for air travel of the 27 European Union countries as well as routes between the European Union and Asia. Qatar ranked 15th in the list of the largest markets outside the European Union in 2019, with 6.3 million passengers traveling between the European Union and the country on the Arabian Peninsula.

In 2016, the Council gave the European Commission the green light to negotiate an aviation agreement with Qatar, which began on March 4, 2019. While the agreement still needs ratification before it can officially enter into force, it will start to apply from now on. .

The European Union had previously reached an aviation agreement with Ukraine at a summit in Kiev. This agreement also aimed to facilitate air travel between the European Union and Ukraine while providing cheap air services and encouraging visits and exchanges between the two parties.

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