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EU Is Increasing Its Solidarity With People Fleeing the War in Ukraine

The European Commission has released a list of the essential support that the bloc’s authorities and member states provide to all fleeing the war in Ukraine.

In a statement issued on March 8, the Commission announced that European Solidarity in Action is helping people through direct humanitarian aid, emergency civil protection aid, border support and a clear legal status that allows people fleeing war to obtain immediate assistance, reports.

According to the EU Commission, the assistance already available includes humanitarian support, border management support, protection of fugitives, support for reception capacity and cohesion policy measures for refugees in Europe.

In this regard, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy said that the EU will support, assist and protect all those fleeing Russian aggression regardless of their nationality or where they come from.

On the other hand, commenting on this situation, the Vice President for Promotion of European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas, revealed that after visiting the border, he and his companions saw very moving scenes with national officials, civil society and the public. Citizens coming to help those coming from Ukraine.

The European Union fully supports these efforts and the breadth of our instruments, staff and financing. The activation of the Temporary Protection Directive is a very visible and tangible expression of support for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Today, we are mobilizing additional funding to support Member States in this effort.”

In addition, on March 2, the European Commission proposed activating the Temporary Protection Directive to provide further assistance to people fleeing war in Ukraine.

Because of this move, EU countries will be able to provide temporary assistance to all those fleeing war by giving them residence permits as well as access to education and the labor market.

UNHCR has also developed operational guidelines to assist the border guards of member states in the effective management of arrivals at the border with Ukraine while maintaining a high level of security.

In addition, these Guidelines recommend Member States to establish special support and emergency corridors to channel humanitarian aid and remind the possibility of granting access to the European Union on humanitarian grounds.

Moreover, Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic said that the biggest victims of this brutal military aggression are the innocent people living in Ukraine. The European Union and its member states are urgently providing assistance to Ukraine and countries directly affected by the influx of migrants.

Meanwhile, we provide life-saving aid to our humanitarian partners on the ground to reach those in need. It is imperative that this aggression stop now because the humanitarian situation is becoming more and more dangerous with each passing day.

The Committee also expressed its willingness to continue providing support, including ensuring an adequate level of preparation and a long-term focus on providing all Member States and Moldova to be prepared to meet needs as they develop.

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