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EU Introduces Joint Plan for a Resilient, Green & Digital Tourism Ecosystem

Today, the European Commission has introduced the Tourism Transition Pathway, which aims to define the main actions, objectives and conditions that will contribute to achieving the green and digital transformation of the tourism sector.

The Tourism Development Transition Path was first launched in June 2021, with stakeholders consulted on ecosystem transition scenarios, where several seminars and meetings with interested investors were held to discuss and develop proposals in this regard.

In a press release issued today, on February 8, 2022, the Commission asked all industrial ecosystems to accelerate their work and increase the sustainability of the European economy to accelerate a green and digital transformation.

Through the transition path, the European Commission calls for more investment in reducing energy, waste, water and pollution, building and social economy ecosystems, and also to be able to improve data service practices to allow for new innovative tourism services.

The Tourism Transition Path also contributes to the European Council’s request in its conclusions of 27 May 2021, which calls on “the Commission and Member States, in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, to design a European tourism agenda,” the statement reads.

In addition, after the transition is progressed and supported, the Commission will begin working with stakeholders, viewing this as key to the success of green and digital transport.

The Commission also explained that this is why they are filling out an online survey looking at the history of the EU tourism community, to express their interest in working together to implement the transition, and to share information about their collective commitment.

Opening the tourism event, Inland Market Commissioner Terry Bretton said this route will offer European tourism for decades.

“I am very pleased that we can present to you today the result of months of cooperation among all stakeholders. Working hand in hand, we have come up with a common vision for EU tourism and agreed on ways to achieve it,” he noted in this regard.

Furthermore, the authority added that the tourism transition path paves the way for a smooth, long-term resilience of the tourism ecosystem until 2030.

According to the commission’s announcement, tourism as the ecosystem most affected by the pandemic situation is the first to continue its transitional path.

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