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EU Countries Now Recognise UK’s NHS COVID Pass As Valid Proof of Immunity for Travel

The European Commission has revealed that the UK’s NHS COVID Pass will now be considered equivalent to an EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate.

The decision to recognize the NHS Card, which goes into effect today, 29 October, was adopted by the European Union Commission after the UK met all conditions.

Thus, from today, Britons will be able to travel to all EU countries and many other third countries already connected to the gate, according to the same criteria as those with an EU entry permit.

More precisely, UK travelers can now travel without restrictions to all countries that are part of the EUDCC as long as they prove they have been fully vaccinated, have recovered from the disease, or have a negative test result, reports.

“Good news for travelers to the UK and Armenia! Today, we have taken two new decisions certifying that the COVID-19 certificates issued by these two countries are equivalent to the EU’s COVID digital certificate,” the European Commission wrote on its official Twitter account yesterday.

However, UK travelers still have to meet the vaccination requirements of the destination country by checking if the shot they have been vaccinated with is acceptable to the country they are planning to visit. This can be done using the Vaccine Check Tool developed by VisaGuide.World, which enables travelers around the world to validate their vaccine.

Additionally, in line with the newly introduced changes, fully vaccinated Britons will be allowed to attend many indoor and outdoor venues when traveling to Europe, including pubs, restaurants, museums, theatres, shopping malls and other events without having to transfer their diploma or undergo a screening Corona virus several times a week.

Britons were previously required to transfer their certificate when traveling to France and some other EU countries in order to be allowed entry into most places. However, with the new changes, they only need to carry one of the certificates.

Commenting on the decision to recognize the NHS Card, Commissioner of Justice Didier Reynders said the EU’s digital COVID-19 certificate had supported safe travel while noting that the EU passport is now a global standard.

45 countries on four continents are linked to the system, with more to follow in the coming weeks and months. “We are open to other countries to join our system,” Reynders added.

Excluding the UK, another 17 non-EU countries are also actively associated with the EU COVID-19 Digital Certificate. The group includes Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Morocco, North Macedonia, Norway, Panama, San Marino, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the Vatican State.

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