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EU Council Imposes Travel Ban on 15 Additional Individuals in View of Russia’s Military Aggression Against Ukraine

The Council of the European Union announced that the authorities decided to introduce the fourth package of restrictive measures against an additional 15 individuals and nine entities involved in the Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

The Council made it clear, through its latest press release, that newly added individuals and entities to the sanctions list are subject to a travel ban, which means that they cannot enter the European Union or pass through its territory.

In addition, individuals and entities are also subject to an asset freeze, and companies and citizens in the European Union are prohibited from making funds available to them, reports.

The council revealed that the listed individuals who will be subject to sanctions include major oligarchs Roman Abramovich and German Khan, as well as other prominent businessmen involved in key economic sectors.

Moreover, the list also includes advocates and lobbyists, such as the CEO of Russia’s Channel One, Konstantin Ernst, who push the Kremlin’s version of the situation in Ukraine.

As for the entities, the council made it clear that sanctions now apply to companies operating in the military, dual-use, aviation, shipbuilding and machinery industries.

“As President Putin’s war against the Ukrainian people continues, so does our determination to support Ukraine and disrupt the financing of the Kremlin’s war machinery. This fourth package of sanctions is another major blow to the economic and logistical base on which Russia depends in invading Ukraine,” said Josep Borrell, High Representative for Foreign Affairs. And the security policy, commenting on the fourth package of sanctions, “The aim of the sanctions is for President Putin to stop this inhuman and absurd war.”

With the new additions, the EU’s restrictive measures now apply to a total of 877 people and 62 entities. The Council has already decided to extend the existing sanctions against those who threaten the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Ukraine until September 15, 2022.

It has been emphasized that Russia’s unjustified and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine violates international law as well as the principles of the United Nations Charter. In addition, such actions undermine stability and security in Europe and the world. Accordingly, the Council holds Russia accountable for this war.

The European Union demands that Russia stop its military aggression immediately. The same order also demands that Russia withdraw all its forces and military equipment from the territory of Ukraine.

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