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EU Commission Urges for Environmental Sustainability to Be Centered on Union’s Education Systems

The European Commission has published the Council’s recommendation on teaching environmental sustainability in all educational institutions in member states, revealed the official press release issued by the authority.

The proposal aims to support educational institutions across the 27-nation bloc with skills and knowledge related to sustainability, climate change and the environment, reports.

Vice President of Promotion of European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas, said younger generations have revolutionized the way we view climate and the environment. The EU Commission proposal published on January 14 suggests that it is time to give back to young people by systematically educating them about the environment.

“Young people’s participation has revolutionized the way we view climate and the environment. Through our youth programmes, European Solidarity Corps and DiscoverEU, we encourage a sustainability campaign in which our young people participate. Commissioner Schinas noted that this is a step forward in working towards better integration of sustainability in education.

Furthermore, the competencies needed for green transformation in the new framework on sustainability have been explained by the Joint Research Center.

So, the Commission’s proposal urges Member States to work on a so-called green transition by following these practices:

Provide students of all ages with high-quality, comprehensive education on climate change, sustainability, and other environmental issues. Make learning for environmental sustainability a priority area of ​​education. Encourage the entire institution to adopt a sustainable approach to teaching and learning. Funds to invest in green infrastructure and increase preparations for education and training for a green transformation

Our aim is to build on these efforts and work closely with Member States to put sustainability at the heart of education and training systems. Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Maria Gabriel, said regarding the proposal that all learners, from an early age, need opportunities to understand and take action to achieve environmental sustainability, protecting our planet and our future.

Young people are already eager to see the EU shift toward greener options As in the Eurobarometer survey, when young people were asked what should be the EU’s top priorities for years to come, 67 percent of them said protecting the environment and fighting climate change, followed by 56 percent think That education and training should be improved in the coming years, which shows how important it is for the EU to act on this issue.

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