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EU Commission to Impose Temporary Visa Measures for Bangladesh, Iraq & Gambia

The European Commission has proposed putting in place temporary restrictive measures on short-stay visas against applicants who are nationals of Bangladesh, Iraq and Gambia.

Such a proposal was made last month after the three countries did not have sufficient cooperation with EU member states in terms of readmitting illegal immigrants to the EU from Bangladesh, Iraqis or Gambians, reports.

According to a press release from the EU Commission, it was revealed that in line with the revised visa law, which has been in force since February 2020, the EU short-stay visa policy is closely linked to cooperation with partner countries. outside the European Union. This means that the European Union requires every third country to readmit its citizens who do not have the right to remain within its territory.

The same was announced that through this proposal, the Commission aims to improve cooperation between the three countries and the Member States regarding the readmission of their nationals.

The approved proposals aim to improve the cooperation of the three countries with Member States on readmission. Effective return and readmission, as well as sustainable reintegration, are essential elements of inclusive, balanced, tailored and mutually beneficial migration partnerships with non-EU countries,” reads the EU Commission’s statement on the proposal.

Moreover, it was emphasized that taking into consideration the subsequent developments, the level of cooperation on readmission with Bangladesh, Iraq and The Gambia should be improved.

Thus, the measures proposed by the Commission cover specific procedural issues for the issuance of short visas, more specifically as follows:

Suspension of the waiver of certain documents for several categories of applicants, such as bona fide travelers Suspending the waiver of optional visa fees for persons with diplomatic passports Suspension of the maximum processing time, which exceeds 15 days Suspension of the mandatory issuance of many visas with extended validity

However, it was emphasized that the proposed measures do not apply to applicants who are family members of EU citizens or other persons allowed free movement in the EU.

Now the European Council must examine the proposal submitted by the Commission and decide whether to adopt it. The procedures will take effect once the proposal is approved.

“To maintain a constructive and transparent partnership approach, which encourages rapid progress in readmission, the Commission will continue to engage with the countries concerned to improve cooperation and overall relations with these countries,” the commission added.

Earlier, the EU border protection agency Frontex reported that 11,150 people tried to reach EU countries illegally only during June 2021, indicating a 69 percent increase compared to the same period last year.

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