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EU Commission Supports Ukraine & Moldova As EU Members

The European Commission has expressed support for Ukraine and Moldova’s European aspirations, declaring that both countries should be candidates for EU membership, which will be decided at the next European Council on June 23-24.

Evaluation of applications by Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia is based on three main criteria; Political and economic holdings and EU accounts, which is the country’s ability to meet the obligations of EU membership, reports.

In conclusion on Ukraine, we have one clear message: Yes, Ukraine deserves a European perspective. Yes, Ukraine should be welcomed as a candidate country. President Ursula von der Leyen said the process was merit-based.

The commission also recommended that the Council grant Moldova candidate status in addition to the European perspective, also stressing that the country will implement several important reforms.

The country needs its economy and public administration, as the Commission hopes that the country’s leaders will stay on track, Moldova has the potential to achieve its European goals.

Leaders of the two countries, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and Moldovan counterpart Maya Sandu welcomed the announcement, while von der Leyen stressed the necessary outcomes expected from the Ukrainian government regarding respect for minority rights.

However, Georgia, which shares the same aspirations of Ukraine and Moldova, will not get candidate status, but the EU Commission recommends the Council to give the country a European perspective and assess progress after certain conditions are met and problems are resolved or directed.

We worked quickly and efficiently to be able to provide our opinions in record time. We expect Member States to make decisions forward in the coming days, but our partner countries should really start working on their side with regard to the major reforms outlined in our recommendation. “This is critical for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia to move forward on the EU path,” said Oliver Varheli, Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement.

On February 28, Ukraine submitted its application for EU membership, while Georgia and Moldova submitted their applications on March 3. In addition, on March 7, the Board invited the Commission to provide its views on the applications.

Based on the views of the EU Commission, member states will not unanimously decide whether Ukraine and Moldova should obtain membership. Other candidate countries include Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Turkey, while Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina are potential candidates.

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