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EU Commission Recommends to End Visa Privileges for Belarus Officials Related to Lukashenko’s Regime 

Some officials in Belarus may lose the privileges they got from the EU’s visa facilitation agreement, as Belarus allowed irregular immigration to occur due to political proposals.

According to the European Commission’s press release, the proposal followed Belarus’ decision to suspend the readmission agreement between the European Union and Belarus on June 28, reports.

“These measures will affect only members of Belarusian official delegations, members of Belarusian national and regional governments and parliaments, the Constitutional Court of Belarus and the Supreme Court of Belarus, in the exercise of their duties,” the press release read.

The proposal is directed to officials associated with the system, but will not affect citizens of Belarus, who will continue to enjoy the benefits of the visa facilitation agreement.

In the coming days, the council will review the commission’s proposal and come up with a decision. However, as Article 14 of the agreement makes clear, Belarus will be informed 48 hours before the decision takes effect.

The EU-Belarus visa facilitation and readmission agreements became effective in July 2020. The agreement regulated the issuance of visas to citizens of the Union and Belarus for operating days within any 180 days. Furthermore, the readmission agreement sets out procedures for the safe return of people found to be illegally residing in the EU or Belarus to their countries of origin.

Previously, reported that in late August 32 Afghans were stuck in a village between Poland and Belarus, where they were not allowed to enter the latter. The Polish government also refused to house them because Lukashenko orchestrated the situation politically, calling it a “dirty game”.

Despite the UN’s call for Poland to take in refugees, the country first called for Lukashenko to be held accountable for his decisions.

“While recognizing the challenges posed by recent arrivals to Poland, we are calling on the Polish authorities to provide access to land, immediate medical assistance, legal advice and psychosocial support to these people,” said Kristen Goyer, UNHCR Representative in Poland. for the island.

Moreover, Belarus has been found responsible for the ongoing migration crisis on the Lithuania-Belarus border, as revealed by FRONTEX, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency. Thousands of Belarusians are leaving the country due to the chaotic situation in the country, which is the largest number of illegal crossings ever detected in this region, with 400 reported in June, six times the previous year.

As a result, Lithuania closed its border with Belarus, declared a state of emergency, and demanded that the European Union address this situation. Greece, being the target of illegal pass permits for many nationalities, has already offered its support to Lithuania.

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