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EU Citizens in Britain Face the Threat of Deportation

Citizens of EU countries who have applied for settled status in the UK under the European Union Settlement Scheme (EUSS) are at risk of being deported, despite previous pledges from UK authorities that EU citizens who can prove they have applied for that status by June 30 they will be under threat. Their rights are protected.

In addition, these developments are considered incompatible with the EU Withdrawal Agreement, reports.

More than a month after the deadline to apply for the scheme, the backlog of applications has not been settled, and many people risk being deported from the UK.

Currently, people who have applied correctly receive removal notices, despite pledges by the authorities in Britain that all people who apply for such a scheme will have their rights protected.

In this regard, Bail for Immigration (Bid) earlier addressed its concerns to the Head of Immigration Enforcement noting the Home Office’s failure to accept applications for settled residence in specific cases where it wants to deport EU citizens.

In the letter BID addressed to the UK’s head of immigration enforcement in July, it was emphasized that if nothing was done soon, Bid would file a complaint with the EU Commission accusing the UK of breaching the Withdrawal Agreement.

“It appears that the Ministry of the Interior has pre-determined the fate of some EU citizens, perhaps thinking it is easy to get rid of them. In its quest to deport more people, it is bypassing the legal requirements and procedures,” Pierre Makhlouf, the legal director of the show contest, told the Observer newspaper.

Thousands of people could be affected if the Home Office continues to threaten EU nationals with deportation.

Previously, the Guardian said there are a total of 1,500 prisoners being held at Wandsworth Prison in London; 500 of them are said to be EU citizens.

In any case, a Home Office spokesperson said such allegations were “absolutely unfounded.

“Our approach means that if immigration authorities encounter anyone who does not have EUSS but may be eligible, we will work with them to enable them to come forward and sign off on available support,” the spokesperson noted.

The spokesman said all people who have applied for the EU Settlement Scheme by the June 30 deadline but have not yet decided to protect their rights until their applications are decided upon.

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