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EU & Armenia Sign Aviation Agreement for Better Connectivity, More Routes & Destinations

An aviation agreement setting out air service rules, and also aimed at improving connectivity with additional routes and destinations, and increasing operational flexibility, has been signed between the European Union and Armenia.

The European Commission shared the news through a press release, which also clarified that the benefits of such an agreement include direct flight operations from anywhere in the European Union to airports in Armenia. Moreover, this agreement cancels all restrictions and restrictions on flights between Armenia and the European Union, because the provisions regarding open and fair competition will ensure equal opportunity, reports.

The agreement signed today will allow the European Union and Armenia to strengthen their aviation relations through gradual market integration. “It is an essential step in our strategy to achieve closer cooperation with our neighbours,” said Commissioner Adina Valian, who is responsible for mobility and transport.

The same revealed that the agreement aims to enable more travel alternatives for citizens, new opportunities for the aviation industry, and better connectivity to new routes and destinations for Armenians and citizens of EU member states.

The Common Aviation Area (CAA) aims to achieve a gradual market opening up between the EU and its neighbours, along with regulatory convergence while implementing EU aviation rules. Both parties, Armenia and the European Union, intend to create opportunities for operators and more options at the disposal of customers.

The gradual opening of the market and regulatory convergence will occur simultaneously with the provision of fair and protective competition and the implementation of high standards for safety, security, environment and other standards.

“Through this agreement, Armenia will harmonize its legislation with EU aviation rules and standards in areas such as aviation safety, air traffic management, security, environment, economic regulation, competition, consumer protection and social aspects,” the press release read.

Similar air transport agreements have been signed with several other countries in the Western Balkans, as well as Morocco, Georgia, Jordan, Moldova, Israel and Ukraine. A live aviation agreement with Tunisia is expected to be signed soon. previously reported that the European Union and Armenia have reached an agreement aimed at facilitating flight operations and involving countries such as Qatar, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Moreover, the implementation of such agreements will become easier with Armenia’s accession to the EUDCC last month. The EU Digital COVID-19 Certification (EUDCC) is the digital solution that allows its users to travel freely and safely across the European Union.

The document was introduced by the European Union in an effort to facilitate travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and is being issued to people who have been fully vaccinated against the virus and who have recovered from the disease. In addition, PCR and antigen test results can also be uploaded to EUDCC, allowing travelers to effortlessly present their certificates at border inspections.

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