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EU Approves €7 Million Aid to Help Slovenian Airlines Recover From Damages Caused by COVID-19

The European Union Commission has approved a total of €7 million Slovenian incentive scheme as part of efforts to help nearly 20 airlines recover from the damage caused by the coronavirus and its new strains.

The Commission has declared such an initiative in line with the Government’s Interim Framework, reports.

The proposal is a resubmission of an aid measure approved by the Commission on 16 November 2020, which expired on 31 December last year.

Under the program, the support will take the form of direct grants. The procedure will be open to all interested airlines operating routes to and from Slovenia. The level of support for each beneficiary depends on the number of passengers carried and the number of flights made. This measure is expected to benefit nearly 20 airlines,” said the statement published by the European Union Commission.

The main reason for such a decision is the re-establishment of air connectivity to and from Slovenia; After the Balkan country, like many countries around the world, suffered deep economic damage due to the spread of the Corona virus and its new strains.

“In particular, the assistance will not (i) exceed 2.3 million euros per beneficiary; and (ii) will be granted no later than 30 June 2022. Thus, the Committee concluded that the measure is necessary, appropriate and proportionate to address a serious disruption to the economy of a Member State, in line with With Article 107(3)(b) the TFEU and the conditions set out in the Interim Framework. The Commission approved the actions under the EU State Assistance Rules,” the statement said.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus and its new variants also led to a significant decrease in the number of international visitors, authorities in Slovenia reported.

In this regard, a report presented by the European statistics provider Eurostat showed that airports in Slovenia suffered the largest drops in air passenger traffic in 2020, recording an overall decrease of 83.3 percent, which is the largest drop among all EU member states.

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