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EU Air Traffic Shows Positive Trend for February, Eurocontrol Reveals

The latest report from Eurocontrol shows that European air traffic registered increased flight operations in the first days of February, despite the negative numbers recorded during the first month of this year.

Data provided by Eurocontrol on European network traffic shows that from January 9 through February 8, air traffic was consistently rising every week, reports.

Yesterday, the continent recorded 16,435 flights per day, on February 8. These figures indicate that the number of flights during this day reached 67.5 percent of the levels recorded during the same period in 2019.

“After a very negative January, February traffic is seeing a steady rise week after week. Eurocontrol General Manager, Eamonn Brennan, wrote today on his official Twitter account, commenting on the positive development.

During this month period, from January 9 through February 8, the lowest number of flights per day was recorded on January 25, when airlines operated a total of 13,772 flights.

However, traffic started to grow again with the number of trips increasing in February. Since January 9, the largest number of flights per day has been recorded on February 4, with 19,524 flights (65.5 percent of the pre-pandemic period).

Moreover, the figures revealed that some operators recorded an increase in flights during the one-month period due to the less stringent COVID-19 rules that are applied within the EU/Schengen area.

Of all the airlines, Ryanair showed the most positive trend. The airline recorded 1,914 flights per day, +57 percent over two weeks.

EasyJet also posted a 49 percent increase over the two-week period, with 700 flights.

Brennan added: “Traffic is starting to increase again – notably Ryanair – 1,914 flights/day, +57 per cent over two weeks and just 1 per cent lower than 2019, easyJet (700 flights, 49 per cent over two weeks)” “.

For the first week of February, from January 31 through February 6, Eurostat revealed that the UK (2,786 flights per day), Spain (2,708 flights per day), and Germany (2,807 flights per day) were the busiest countries.

Previously, Airports Council International (ACI) has shown that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, global airports have made progress towards achieving carbonization and climate goals. ACI noted that a healthy increase was recorded in all regions of the world.

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