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ETC: Travellers’ Sustainable Behaviour Remains Unaffected From COVID-19

The latest report from the European Travel Council (ETC) has revealed that EU citizens are adopting greener travel options and paying more attention to their impact on the environment and local communities.

According to the findings of “Sustainable Travel in an Age of Turbulence: The Impact of Covid-19 on Sustainable Tourism Trends,” the pre-pandemic, current and projected travel behavior of respondents corresponded, meaning the pandemic had little impact on future traveler behavior, reports. .

However, the respondents’ value orientation, beliefs and standards have proven to be good indicators that travelers realize the serious need for sustainable travel options but fail to realize them.

Based on their responses and level of awareness about the issue, ETC divided respondents into four groups:

The leaderboard represents the low footprint travelers with the higher tendency to adopt sustainable travel behavior in the future. This group also represents people with a stronger biosphere and altruistic orientation. The relaxed crowd makes up for people with frequent travelers with a low footprint who are interested in alternative destinations close by and in low season travel. Designated hosts represent middle-footprint travelers who are less likely to compromise on location and travel time but are open and willing to adapt in another way. Laggards includes regular travelers with a high footprint who have no low probability of considering sustainable options in the future.

“Overall, the study shows that travelers are more likely to adopt sustainable practices in the behavioral category to interact with the local community and immerse themselves in local life, learn about local traditions and crafts, purchase local produce, and choose locally owned restaurants while at the destination,” ETC noted in its press release. regarding the report.

Attempts towards greener and more environmentally friendly travel alternatives have been evident from European authorities as well as several environment-related organizations. Previously, Greenpeace called on EU authorities to shift their focus towards rail as a travel option.

The organization believes the EU Commission has shown a “shocking disregard for the climate crisis” and the environment, and has urged the European Parliament to halt its labeling scheme because it represents a greenwash license.

Moreover, sustainability efforts have also been noted by individual countries, such as France, which previously introduced Destination France, a ten-year plan, with €1.91 billion in financing to transform and restore the tourism sector.

We want to conquer and restore talent. There is an increasingly strong desire for sustainable tourism.” The French Prime Minister, Jean Castix, said France also needed to offer “higher quality” tourism, which would require digital investments.

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