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ETC Says Croatia Is a Great Example on How to React & Save Tourism Amid COVID-19

European Travel Commission (ETC) President Luis Araujo emphasized that Croatia is a great example of how to deal with COVID-19 in terms of tourism.

According to him, during the current COVID-19 crisis, the most important thing is the opening of tourism as well as the borders of the European Union countries, reports.

Araujo’s comments came during the 101st meeting of the European Travel Commission (ETC) Governing Council in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The main focus of the meeting was on the tourism sector.

“I noticed better and better tourism trends, tourism is recovering, but we still have to get results from 2019, which was a record year for many European countries. We have shared our experiences and knowledge, and Croatia is a great example of how to deal with these conditions.”

The results of the tourism sector during the tourist season were also discussed during the meeting.

At the meeting on Thursday, Croatian National Tourism Board Director and ETC Vice President Kristian Stanjic emphasized that this year the Balkan country is significantly closer to the tourism figures reached in 2019, before the spread of the coronavirus.

Staničić stressed that Croatia is among the most successful countries in Europe in terms of tourism results achieved “which is the success of the entire tourism sector, but also the government of the Republic of Croatia”.

“We are currently at about 77 percent of the results achieved in the same period in 2019. We will follow new trends and adjust our activities to be more successful in the future,” Stanicic noted.

He emphasized that good tourism trends in Croatia are expected to continue during the off-season.

In July this year, Staničić said the country’s tourism trends were going in the right direction, while he believed that this tourist season would help the sector recover from the damage caused by the virus.

In order to help the tourism industry, in January this year, the European Union allocated about 202 million euros to the government of Croatia in order to help companies operating in the tourism sector get out of the crisis triggered by the virus.

Croatia has opened its doors to travelers wishing to enter the country for non-essential purposes such as tourism immediately after the first wave of COVID-19 is over. However, travelers are currently required to follow specific requirements when planning to enter Croatia.

The country keeps entry requirements in place as recommended by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Other regions are divided into green, orange, red, dark red and gray categories, taking into account the epidemiological situation in them.

The authorities in Croatia previously stressed that travelers from the Schengen area and EEA countries are allowed to visit Croatia, provided they hold a valid EU digital vaccination certificate for COVID-19.

However, travelers from areas that have recently reported high rates of COVID-19 will be denied entry to Croatia.

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