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Estonian PM: Ukraine’s Membership in EU Is Our Moral Duty

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said the EU should consider using military forces against Russia in order to stop aggression against Ukrainian citizens, while also urging the EU to accept Ukraine’s application to join the 27-nation bloc.

Prime Minister Klass made his statement during the monthly plenary sessions of the European Parliament, stressing that the EU has a “moral duty” to grant Ukraine membership in the EU, reports.

“When European defense intensifies, we must find a consensus within the European Union that sometimes the best way to achieve peace is to be prepared to use military force,” she said.

Ukraine requested fast-track membership in the European Union after the Russians invaded the eastern European country about two weeks ago. Moldova and Georgia followed suit, also claiming membership in the European Union.

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Last week, the European Union voted for Ukraine to gain membership in the bloc, but the accession process is long, given the fact that Western Balkan countries have been negotiating membership for more than a decade.

As EU ambassadors approved a new wave of sanctions against Russia, the Estonian Prime Minister, Kallas, took the time to apologize to the Russian citizens who had been hit hard by the sanctions.

“None of this is directed against you, we understand that it hurts you but it also hurts us. This tyrant does not care about the people, he only cares about power,” she said.

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Moreover, the EU’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, told Parliament that the price of the war would be long-term. In addition, he called on Europeans to play their part in stopping Russian gas addiction in Europe.

European citizens need to lower the temperature of their homes. Everyone needs to make an effort. In the same way you will use less water if there is dryness. The same way we wear masks.”

According to a report presented by the European Parliament this month, the number of Russian forces outnumbers the Ukrainian forces, with the latter having 196 thousand active elements while the aggressor has 900,000 elements. Moreover, the Russian army is better equipped with 15,857 armored combat vehicles, while Ukraine has 3,309 vehicles.

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