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Estonia to Abolish COVID Certificate Requirement for All Outdoor Events From February 14

All people who plan to participate in outdoor events in Estonia will no longer have to present a digital vaccination certificate, which proves that they have completed the immunization process against the virus.

Such a decision, confirmed by the Baltic state government, will go into effect on February 14, reports.

The new changes were introduced as part of the country’s efforts to ease restrictions imposed to stem the spread of the coronavirus and its new strains.

“We have followed the principle that we only maintain control measures for as long as really necessary, and are mitigating on scientific grounds. So we have agreed with the government today that COVID certification will no longer be required for outside events from February 14th. I remind everyone that you must continue In being careful outside, dispersal and, if possible, wear a mask because omicron is highly contagious and the Prime Minister of Estonia, Kaja Kallas, noted in this regard.

According to the government, the revocation of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate comes after studies showed that less than ten percent of infections are linked to outdoor events.

In this regard, the decision was announced by the Minister of Culture of Estonia, Tate Terek, on February 8, stressing that from Valentine’s Day, certificates will not be required for outdoor events.

“Last week, I asked [government’s] Terek noted that the Scientific Council assessing the need for Covid-19 certification for outdoor events has suggested removing the coronavirus certification requirement for outdoor sports.

However, authorities in Estonia have made it clear that instead of verifying COVID certificates, other strategies will be implemented to reduce the risk of spreading the virus at external events.

In order to ensure safety at outdoor events, organizers should avoid crowds nearby and take into account the number of participants or spectators allowed. They should also ensure that people stay together for as short a time as possible, while wearing a face mask at such events is also recommended if activity permits.

391,849 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Estonia since the start of the pandemic, while 2,075 people have died during the same period.

In addition, more than 47,700 people have tested positive for the virus in the past seven days, while 38 people have died, based on figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Authorities in Estonia have confirmed that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has become a dominant variant.

However, despite these figures, the government of Estonia has begun to follow the example of other European countries and ease restrictions imposed due to the Corona virus.

Recently, the Estonian authorities announced that the country will no longer require travelers from the European Union and Schengen area countries to follow quarantine rules if they have completed the virus immunization process, tested negative or recovered from COVID-19, even if they had completed the vaccination process against the virus. . The country of origin has reported high rates of COVID-19.

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