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Estonia Continues to Keep in Place Travel Restrictions for Arrivals From All European Countries

The government of Estonia will continue to maintain its travel restrictions and mandatory ten-day quarantine requirements for unvaccinated travelers from all European countries from Monday January 24, with the list remaining unchanged with only the Vatican State considered epidemiologically safe.

The authorities in Estonia have confirmed that the rest of European countries still belong to the red list, which consists of countries considered severely affected by the spread of the Corona virus, especially the Omicron variant, reports.

In addition, all arrivals are required to fill out a Passenger Acknowledgment Form prior to their arrival.

Authorities in Estonia have continued to classify other countries into green, yellow and red categories, taking into account their infection rate over the past two weeks.

For now, only the Vatican City state remains on the green list, after the latter reported a two-week COVID-19 rate of less than 75 per 100,000 residents.

Green Listed entrants are not subject to additional entry rules such as testing or quarantine requirements when planning to enter Estonia.

The yellow list for Estonia, which includes countries with a 14-day COVID-19 prevalence rate of 75-200 per 100,000 population, is blank.

Travelers from Yellow List countries are required to provide valid evidence showing that they have completed the virus immunization process, a negative result of a COVID-19 PCR test not exceeding 72 hours or an antigen test not exceeding 48 hours, or recovery from the virus.

People without a negative test certificate are eligible to undergo the testing process upon arrival and remain isolated while awaiting results.

The 14-day infection rate for MERS-CoV is 201 per 100,000 population and over.

Andorra 7,070.38 Austria 1,950.68 Belgium 3,000.79 Bulgaria 1,007.63 Croatia 2,384.77 Czech Republic 1,117.62 Cyprus 5,560.44 Denmark 5,145.34 Finland 1,942.67 France 5,556.66 Germany 963.4 Greece 3,597.77 Hungary 879.81 Iceland 4,768.30 Ireland 5,874.76 Italy 3,142.58 Latvia 1,403.527.44 Luxembourg Poland 499.62 Portugal 4,586.53 Romania 491.7 San Marino 6,246.19 Slovakia 764.38 Slovenia 3,376.75 Spain 3,399.88 Sweden 2,769.81 Switzerland 4,135.60 Kingdom United 2,911.96

For those arriving from the Red List, people from Red List countries who have not completed their vaccination process must follow the mandatory ten-day quarantine rule upon arrival.

Tests should be taken on their arrival and on the sixth day. If both results are negative, self-isolation can be shortened.

Authorities in Estonia have made clear that people who have been vaccinated against the virus are exempt from the test requirement.

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